Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Web of Lies by Jennifer Estep

Web of Lies (Elemental Assassin, #2)Web of Lies by Jennifer Estep

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had to stay up late to finish this book - it just didn't want to end :)

I really liked this book a lot better then the first book - I think because Donovan wasn't in it that much :) I sitll have issues with him.. maybe because Owen is a new contestant in the running - he seems like a better guy for her anyways - just saying :)

Ok well I did like this book because it felt more..focused. There was actualy one problem she was dealing with that was was believable to exist in life... DIMONDS!!! Always a girls best friend - or in this case - a Dwarf's best friend -

The part about Jake McAllister kind of blew me away - I was disapointed that his dad showed up to "take care" of the problem. In my opinion - his dad should let the kid rot in jail for what he did - geez! But I guess if you have enough money - daddy can do anything to save you ... not sure he really deserved what he got at the party - but it worked .. now she has another problem .. make that TWO more problems - since Mab now wants her :)

The ending was a little bit much - but it worked out well enough for me to finish reading it without skimming over too much - She came into some stronger powers now - so the next book should really be intersting. Again , I'm not a big fan of elemental magical powers - but we'll see how this works to her advantage.

I still don't like Donovan - he still feels out of place in this series - so I'm happy to read the ending (ok that was a semi spoiler - sorry!)

BUT I'm looking forward to the next book - lots of promises she made in the end that sounds like it will be even better then this one was .

Now I"m off to bed :)

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