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Spider's Bite by Jennifer Estep

Back to the present :)
Just finished this book yesterday and started on Web of Lies

Spider's Bite (Elemental Assassin, #1)Spider's Bite by Jennifer Estep

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Umm This book was pretty good - I gave it 4 stars because I finished it will read the next book too. So it wasn't that bad :)

All and all I DID like the book - but there seemed to be a lot about it that I didn't like. The storyline was good - It explained how she became an assassin - losing her family when she was you - learning about her elemental powers and trying to make due with what she had ...

I have never read an assassin book before - at least not where she was the good guy and the bad guy all roled into one. She was paid to kill people - but she only killed people who deserved it. So I supose there is good in her. She does try to pull off that she doesn't care about anything or isn't sorry about anything but you can see she does care.   when Donovan Caine tells her that he's there to save Rosalle, and not Finn or Her - he doesn't care about her ... She said that it stung.

I'm not too big on Donovan Caine - for one she discribes him as not THAT good looking - but his good characteristics make her hot for him.  This guy is supose to be the only good cop in the city .

He doesn't like her - infact he wants to kill her because she killed his partner. But that doesn't stop him from their hot and heavy sex in the supply closet ... twice - while they're waiting for word from the poeple she's trying to kill ?? humm guess that's one way to pass the time with someone who is mildly cute, right?

I'm not to big on her bold-ness about the relationship - she kills people, yeah , I get that - but she practically throws herself at him. The scene at the bar kind of threw me off - After one drink - and again waiting for the bad guys to show up - why not make the most of their time? It seemed out of character for her I think.

I don't know - just seems like their relationship should have smoothed out a little - I can see why she didn't want to tell him about his partner being slime - but still - I kept waiting for Finn to tell him or someone else to jump in - then he realizes she's the good guy and falls for her that way - then they can live happily ever after ...

I HAVE read books about the Elemental powers though and I have to say - They're not my favorite - I'd rather she be able to fly or have super human strength - maybe her hand transforms into a bunch of knife fingers or something unbelievable like that  - but the elements ... that's cheating! How can somoene produce tornado type winds and throw it at someone chest to kill them?  Throw bricks from a building from the other side of the room ? Set a house on  fire and burn through people from the inside out? Or make their body solid stone so nothing hurts them while still able to fight?? Yikes!?!
Even the end of Braking Dawn was a let down when they started playing with the elements in the battle.

BUT for what this book was about - it was pretty good. I was able to look over her magical use of the stone - the ice ... ok I"ll let her have that too .

now I'm not so sure how the next book is going to play out , but I'll give it a shot.

So all and all - the book was ok :)  It held my interest

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