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Triss & Izzie by Mette Ivie Harrison

Tris & IzzieTris & Izzie by Mette Ivie Harrison

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I recieved an e-arc of this book.  It was really cute! I loved it!
The book comes out October 11th - be sure to pre-order yours! It's worth it!

The book started out with Izzie, a typical high school student who is in love with the senior most popular guy Marc - and Marc is head over heels in love with Izzie too. Izzie's BFF Branna is loyal to her and they hang out with each other all the time.

Izzie starts to think Branna is holding out on her. She's upset about something but won’t talk about it. When Izzie figures it out that Branna wants a boyfriend, nothing will stop Izzie from giving her BFF what she wants.

Izzie's mom is a witch. Nothing too exciting - she mixes potions, works in an ambulance and helps heal people. But no one knows about her potions helping. But it's a way to use her Magic and not let anyone know.
Branna knows that Izzie's mom has magic, so when they learn about a boy who knows Magic, they become a little worried. He offers a love potion to Branna, she doesn't ake it, but she's tempted. That's when Izzie decides to help Branna.

When Izzie returns to school, she has her Sprite - mixed with the love potion. A new boy is at the school.. Tristan. He sees Izzie and his eyes light up. But of course Izzie is happy with Marc, so she does the next best thing. Get's Tristan to drink half the sprite.. then offers the other half to Branna....

Well things are going crazy now she has this special pull towards Tristan, she can't seem to stop thinking about him.. but what about Marc?? Her True love?? Or is he?

That night at the school football game, Izzie decides to take a walk - that's when we learn that there are other creatures out there, and they're after Izzie's Magic - but Izzie doesn't have magic... does she??

Wow! Lots of really great things happen in this book - The only problem I have is Marc - sure he's a great guy, and all, I just think it's a little weird that he loves Izzie for 2 years - I mean in the hospital you can see the love and he's trying hard to keep her, but then all of a sudden, he only has eyes for the one that he's supose to be with. Sure Izzie has Tristen, and she's happy for the other couple, but still, I have trouble believing that Marc can just turn off his feelings for Izzie *snap* like that

But then again it goes with the ending theme, that you're with the person you're meant to be with. I loved the ending :) That was cute :)

Great book!

Hide and Seek - a Brand new reader book :)

So sorry for not posting anything in a while - I've been pretty sick with walking Pneumonia - plus school started and I'm home with my 4 year old and 2 year old all day - ugh! I've been reading some though - not a lot, but some - I read a couple of ARC books from Netgalley - but I can't post the reviews until closer to the release date, so that's why you're not seeing much the last 2 weeks :( Sorry! I'm working on it though :)

I am home-schooling my pre-schooler - I have NO idea what I'm doing, but we're getting there :)
I bought him a few of the "Brand new reader" books from the library book sale, and this week we have read "Hide and Seek" it's really a cute book about a frog and a fish playing hide and seek :)  Fish hides behind plant - Frog finds Fish - Frog hides behind Rock - Fish finds Frog - Fish hides behind Frog - Frog looks for Fish - Fish taps Frog - Frog finds Fish - the end :)

Cute book - Collin (my 4 year old) really loves it :)

SO for an arts and craft idea, we made a frog and a fish :) I used all of my punches to make them, and my die cut machine to make the mini bag - the bag represents the rock and plant (it has a flower on it :) plus he can put them inside the mini bag when he's not playing with them. I made one of each for myself too, but my 2 year old ate the frog head already and ripped the stick out of the fish *sigh* oh well - it was fun while it lasted :) 

Right now I'm reading "Second guessing Fate" and I have one more "Hold Me" ARC to read before I get back to reading regular books :) I think I have a couple of reviews I owe Chasity over at LovLivLifeReviews - so I'll be reading and posting soon :) 

I'm still sick, so reading is slow, but it's getting there :) 

Happy Reading all !

Friday, August 19, 2011

Exiled by M.R. Merrick

Exiled (The Protector)Exiled by M.R. Merrick

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a really cute book - the ending leaves you wide open for more possibilities :)

True this book was predictable - I guessed everything early on - but you know what, it was ok - the book really pulled it off -

Sure you know what kind of demon book they were looking for, they dropped a lot of hints on that one - and it wasn't a big surprise to see who was in charge of the big mess at the end... but there was a lot of little things inside the story that made up for that -

Willy - He's the cutest half-demon! Sure he's a big strong guy, but with his stutter and him always afraid - it really really makes him that much of a cuter character. bringing in the truth that just because he's half demon, doesn't make him evil ... right?

Then of course there is Rayna - what the heck is she?? There is a LOT of stuff mixed in with her, but where did it all come from? She's a mystery, but a very talented mystery - with *hand that were both warm and soft *

I really liked this book for many reasons - everything was on impulse. and it seemed like everything was going wrong ... until everything started piecing together....

Now, once they get into this new demention - ok I'm not a big fan of leap frog in different dementions in my books - But M.R. Merrick did a really good job with this new world! Drakar is what it's called :) I loved the Purple river with water with a taste of it's own. The purest and richest water to ever touch his mouth.

And what about the "tiny bird" ?? Sure we could figure out what happens to it, but the magic that pumps out of it at the end is just awesome!

Really a great story - looking forward to reading the next one and finding out what happens :)

This review was made possible by Lovlivlifereviews - Thanks for the great Recommend!!

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Deceiving the Protector by Dee Tenorio

Deceiving the Protector (Resurrection, #2)Deceiving the Protector by Dee Tenorio

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Before I get into the review,  I do have to say one thing - Dee Tenorio could have stopped the book in a few different places and the book would have really good - but it's like she KNEW I wasn't ready to leave this couple yet, so she kept going - and made the book even more wonderful!

Awesome is the word I have to say -
I truly love the whole "Bonding/Mate" thing when it comes to wolves - it's just a whole magical attachment that no one can explain and it really gives me chills every time I read about it :) 

This book was no exception - but it was different in a way that really kept me on my toes -

The book starts off with Jensen Tate - or Tate - is searching for a stray shifter who has taken off - he can barely make out her scent, it's there but if he moves too fast, he'll lose it - Wolf. Distinctly female. A faint sent, tickling at his senses.
But there is something about her sent, something fresh, enticing in its elusiveness. Almost... Tempting.

Finally catching up with her , he approaches with caution. You don't want to spook a starving wolf - and from the looks of her, that's exactly what she is. But she's strong, and she scared and she's waiting for him to come closer.

"you don't have to worry, okay? I'm from the Underground and I've been looking for you. I'm here to help" 

The Underground is an organized group by the Pack where they help take in stray shifters of all kinds, give them food and shelter and help them feel safe. But there is a Killer out on the loose right now, someone is killing the strays in a brutal way, so they are moving shifters around to different safe houses, to keep the strays safe.

Now Lia is a very strong willed Stray - she has a past that no one could ever believe. She does what she needs to in order to survive, and she can't trust him - It's not that she doesn't WANT to trust him. She feels a slight pull whenever she looks deep into his eyes.

She goes willingly with Tate on their 2 day journey to the next safe house. The whole time Tate tries to talk to her, get her to loosen up a little, but she stays silent. Lol He talks to her, and when she doesn't respond, he makes up her answers - and some of them are so ridiculous, it's all she could do not to show any sign of amusement :) Until he starts whistling.  That drives her CRAZY! Nothing as loud as this, not for this long has  ever bothered her. this much. No matter how she twisted away from him, or changed his pace, he was right there. Whistling. Setting her senses warping from misery.  When she finally had to put her hands over her ears, he actually got louder. But when he laughed - he actually laughed at her! - "Don't you EVERY shut up?"

Lol well we learn that Tate in fact doesn't shut up :)  And he is good at annoying Lia :) But it also helps her to open up to him a little, too. She lets her guard down for a few mins here and there.

When they first pitch camp, deep in the woods, Tate is afraid to take his eyes off her. He makes a phone call and meets with Bertha (I love this girl) She is one of his enforcers of such , so she fills him in with the information of the latest murder - it's not pretty.

When Bertha leaves, he looks over to where Lia was sleeping, just a few yards over, but she was gone.

He followed her. Her scent was so dim he could barely smell it, but he did smell a strong sense of Fear coming from her. He followed that -

That's where we meet   Asher - Lia's  Forced Mate - This guy isn't a wonderful Mate either - sure he probably does adore Lia in his own sick and strange way , but he grabs her by the throat and digs his knees into the dirt pinning her down, She can't breathe, and she can't move.

She has never seen Asher's face, but she is terrified of him. When Asher asks why she has the scent of another wolf on her arm, she tells him that Tate is the brother of the Alpha, if she can keep him alive, he can lead her to the Alpha - So Asher gives her another day .....

And so the journey begins ...

*sigh* A LOT goes on in this book -.  so many details, so much emotion , it really stirs things up for the reader - I didn't know rather to laugh or cry half the time :)

I'm really excited I got the chance to read this book. I just bought the first one, and now I'm off to read that :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Caged in Darkness by J.C. Stroube

Caged in Darkness (Caged #1)Caged in Darkness by J.D. Stroube

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was pretty intense! Wow! I'm a little taken back by the ending though - but only because it wasn't what I was expecting - give me time to let it sink in :)

The book starts out with Savannah telling her story of her past - up until she was 9 years old, her life was utterly hell -

As witches, Her parents were thrown out of their coven because they started practicing dark magic - the really bad dark magic.
When Savannah was a baby, her mother adored her , but as time went on - they grew darker and darker and started making sacrifice by killing innocent people - Twice a week, Savannah watched it all take place from the inside of her cage.

When her parents couldn't find anyone to sacrifice, they used Savannah. She could feel the darkness dispense itself from her pores. It would take that bit of innocence with it. Her soul screamed at the loss as it was torn from her.

One day when she was 9 years old, she escaped the house through the tiny bathroom window. She knew of the town Meadow Falls as the town her parent's coven was in.
She believed she could find the coven and they would help her.

It was nighttime when she arrived, she had no idea where she was or where she was going, but she started walking. At the edge of town, she saw a few lights on in a few of the houses. One of the houses had the feel of protection on it. it beckoned her to approach.

As she inched toward the house, her emotions were bombarding her. She backed up and stepped on a sprinkler head, twisting her ankle until she heard the bone crack, and she went down in a painful cry.

An elderly woman stepped out the door and onto the porch. She screamed for her son to come down and help bring this lost looking child into the house.

When Savannah told them who her parents were, Maye - the older woman contacted the rest of the coven and "took care of things" with her parents.

Time laps on - ok the witches come into their power at the 16th anniversary of their first breath of life. So we are at Savannah's life, now at 15 years old - she is in high school. Still scared to be around people she doesn't know or trust - but she knows her 2 best friends, Izzy and Willow - and of course Ash - her foster brother.

Everything is going well in life as they know it until she learns that the house her parents owned was being sold. Maye wanted Savannah to go back to the house to go through their things. Savannah was scared to death to set foot back into that house, but all things considering, she went with Maye.

When Maye went upstairs to start going through things, Savannah went into the library - a strange thing happened while she was sitting in her favorite chair - she looked down and noticed a board out of place .. so she opened it up to see a lever - when she turned the lever, the bookshelf opened up into a hidden passage -

And That's where it all begins ... When she releases the demon into the world - the demon that her parents had somehow shoved into a box, everything turned around on her.

This book has it all - my favorite shifter of a Panther - the romance triangle, and the friendship and love that grows between these witches :)

Great book - I'm looking forward to the next one already :)
I'm still taken back by the ending though - it's going to bug me - if you've read this book, email me - I need someone to talk to about this ending ... lol

This review was made possible by Lovlivlifereviews - check out her blog for our double review -
(I accidently left out a lot of information - oops :)
Thanks for the great Recommend!!

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