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Last Vampire Standing by Nancy Haddock

Last Vampire Standing (Oldest City Vampire, #2)Last Vampire Standing by Nancy Haddock

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was iffy on reading the first book, let alone the 2nd - just because the back of the book makes it look stupid. I actually put them back on the shelf at the library a couple of times when I found something else that I liked..

But this time - I was desperate after going through a couple of books that I just couldn't get into - so I picked up this series and started them.

I am glad I did.

The storyline is really cute. The first book I think was better - She was getting use to the now a days way of of life and trying to fit in as a human after being buried alive in a coffin for 200 years , using her vampire hearing to listen to the world evolve around her wasn't enough.

In the second book - it gets a little more.. complex.

Jo-Jo the Jester runs away from his Nest in Atlantas because his girlfriend leaves him for another guy.

Jo-Jo was a court Jester back in the 1800's when he was funny :)

Now he's a little out dated and wants to start working in comic clubs - but he's afraid Vlad (the head vamp in Atlantas) will come for him. So he seeks out Princess Cesca for protection and guidence.

Of course Saber and Cesca are together now - REALLY together now :) and together they help Jo-Jo get his "act" together - all while Jo-Jo gives Cesca flying lessons , and to help her come into her new powers.

Triton keeps coming in and out mysteriously like he did in the first book - but he does give Cesca a little more information - not a lot - we're still trying to figure out where he comes in during this series - but it's not the second book :)

Pandora's still around and still mysterous in this book as well. But she does hang around protecting Cesca and even talks to her. Although she doesn't give her any useful informantion - she does a good job helping her out though.

At the end , we also meet Pandora's ... handler? I don't think that's the right word - more like companion ? Human? and yes , he is full of mystery too , but promises to help guide as well as explain things Cesca in the near future (next book)

This book was pretty good - but I'm only giving it 4 stars - The book took off great - the relationship between Maggie, Neil , Saber and Cesca were great - I fell in love with Jo-Jo and all his Royal titles for Cesca instantly.

The story picked up and started getting intense with Marco (Jo-Jo's girlfriend's new boyfriend) and Laural (Ike's 2nd in command) and the newest ghost / energy that keeps showing up on video on Cesca's ghost tours. Wont go into details with that but read the book and you'll know what I'm talking about :)

All the peices were starting to fit together - it started getting really good and I didn't want to stop ... then within 3 pages - it was over ...

and I'm still not even sure what I was reading - I re-read it - but all the popping in and out and light shows and - yeah - I don't want to give it away - but I think she could have saved the day a little better then that.

BUT then she has a little chat with Triton at the end and sets up for her next book in April - so I supose the cheap shot ending kind of fits in for the next book , giving her room to grow - but I still think it should have dragged out a little more.

I will be in line to read the next book - Always a Vampire coming out in April 2011 :)

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