Thursday, January 27, 2011

La Vida Vampire by Nancy Haddock

La Vida Vampire (Oldest City Vampire, #1)La Vida Vampire by Nancy Haddock

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I Liked this book!

I had read 3 books before this one that I just couldn't get into and ended up putting them down. So I was really looking for a book that I could just get through.

The back of the book states that Francesca was trapped underground for more then 200 years - and was dug up by her now best friend who had bought the land to renovation of a Victorian mansion she was burried under.

Ok so in this book - supernaturalals are public known , and Vampires are actually protected by law :) Kewl -

So getting to know this 227 year old Virgin Vampire (yes that's a long time to wait for Mr.Right to come along )

After a year of coming out of her coffin (literally) she is finally coming to terms with the new ages - she loves to read mysetery novels and watch Crime TV (CSI - MONK - who doesn't? )

Cesca doesn't like to use her Vampire powers - reading minds - feeling emotions - running fast - she likes her truck :) She prefers to drink her blood in private. all and all , she's not a normal vampire - She can actually go out in the sun for a couple of hours after sunrise, and before sunset - She does need to sleep a few hours during the high peek of the day though . but the other vampires can't come out in the sunlight ...

She finally lands a job - just a few blocks from her house being a tour guide though the St. Augustine Ghost Town - Since she lived in this town before she was a Vampire - she knew the area well. The ghosts are harmless and friendly - well most of them are friendly , some of them are just rude :)

Her first tour - and she she has a crazy group of people with lots of questions. They spot a few ghosts and have fun .. until it's over when one of the guys turns out to be a member of the Coventant (anti Vamire group) and threatens Cesca's life. Everyone is shocked and goes to the main building to file their wittness of his threats.

Things start to go downhill - the same group of people show up for her next tour the next night to try to keep an eye on her - including the Coventant guy - It's not as bad - but the tention is still there.

Then it happens - When she was out surfing one morning at sunrise - something hit her foot - a dead body - and it belongs to someone from her tour group - AHHH!!!

Enter the police - "Dante" pant "Saber" pant pant (her quote not mine :) is the special paranormal dective and really gets on her nerves because she doesnt' act like a blood sucker (in fact she doesn't Bite People ) ( but of course they don't get along ! )

Well one thing leads to another - the crimes and attacks keep coming at her - and Saber ends up staying with her to protect her... You can see where this is going :) and it does :)

So that's basicly this story - it ends well and even starts off the next book - well not really starts it off - but after reading the last chapter - you can see where the next book is headed - which is ok - because I'm going to read it :)

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  1. 227 years to wait for Mr. Right. Seems like it would be pointless after all that time. LOL.