Thursday, November 17, 2011

Remembrance by Michelle Madow

Remembrance (Transcend Time, #1)Remembrance by Michelle Madow

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Not sure what it was about this book that kept me so interested, but I just couldn't put it down!

The book starts off as Jeremy and Lizzie were driving to school, the first day of school. Jeremy had been acting differently, more distant, always worried about his new friends on the Varsity soccer team. In line to be the next Co-Captain of the team. Sure the pressure was on him, but they didn't seem to have that same connection they once had 3 years ago when they started dating.

First day of school and Lizzie's first class was History with her BFF Chelsea. Just as class was about to start, a new guy walks into the classroom. Their eyes meet and Lizzie knows she has met this guy before. She KNOWS him. She can visualize his hair a little longer, but still in that messed up sort of way. It scared her. He broke his eyes away first, grabbing the last free desk in the classroom. The one next to Lizzie. Throughout the whole class, she did everything she could not to look at him, not to think about it.. it was hopless.

Next class in AP French with Jemery, she saw Drew sitting front and center in the same class. French had never been Lizzie's favorite subject, in fact she barely sounded like an English Tourist when the teacher called on her to ask what she did over the summer. Drew looked at her stunned by her lack of the use of the language.

But he re-assured her after class that it would come to her and she would be a natural at the language in no time.

When Chelsea announced to Lizzie that she had asked Drew out on a double date with her and Jeremy, Lizzie's heart started pounding harder.

On the way to the movies, things got a little tense with Jeremy, but once they met up with Chelsea and Drew, Lizzie decided to try to forget Jeremy's harsh words and enjoy the night. Of course they went to a horror movie where everyone knew that Lizzie got scared easily.

I was up late reading this book, waiting to see how it played out -

This book was cute on a lot of different levels. I loved the draw that Drew and Lizzie had towards each other. And yet trying to fight it made everything worse. I loved the flashbacks, and how the knowledge came back to them once they remembered. It was different then other books I've read with similar topics.

Great story - recommended to those that love a good YA Romance book :)

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sweet Bytes by Kimber An

Sweet Bytes (Ophelia Dawson Chronicles, #3)Sweet Bytes by Kimber An

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love this series! It's such a cute different style of vampires - and in this book - we learn that all Vampires are different - just the way humans are all different. There are some good, and some bad, some rebelliousness, some in love -

We meet up with Ophelia and her new body guard Tristan - Tristan is an old blood - and ready to give his life for Ophelia. Being Empathic she is very precious to the old blood - and being a diabetic, she is very precious to the New bloods - but not in a good way.

Mark is still out there, and he is still in love with Ophelia... maybe love isn't the right word, but he's defiantly obsessed with finding her. And Adrian isn't happy about that.

Just because Adrian is a New blood now, and craving the diabetic sweet blood, doesn't mean his feelings have changed. He and Ophelia are still soul mates , and he's determined to keep her safe. even if it means killing himself.
When John Pierre comes along trying to get Ophelia to let him change her over, he announces that he killed Adrian, Ophelia is heartbroken all over again.

The emotional roller coaster with Ophelia is really hard on her, but she tries hard to keep herself in check. being an Empathy, she needs to keep her emotions to a check. Now her Sister Brianna, she is a different story. We learn that she has the same Empathy powers that Ophelia has, only she doesn't know how to separate emotions yet and that's why she gets so high strung around certain people.

I love Brianna, she is so funny and cute. Always trying to look out for her twin sister, but instead always needing her twin sister to look out for her.

We also meet Victoria, The girl's Grandmother - who is also Empathy. And she is the Funniest - most awesome grandmother i have ever met :) Loved her! She's also set out to teach the girls everything she knows in order to survive their upcoming 18th birthday - it's the only way to get their lives back..

I'm so looking forward to the next book - I really LOVE this series :)

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Sugar Rush
Crushed Sugar  

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ignite by Kaitlyn Davis

Ignite (Midnight Fire Series)Ignite by Kaitlyn Davis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

 Oh WOW!
I'm so grateful for Epilogues at the end of books - because Holy COW that was a bad place to end the book – but the Epilogue helped a lot :)  it’s also a GREAT way to look forward to the next one :) Can't wait now!

This book was awesome! I love the idea! "She was a Superhuman Conduit of Sunlight - a protector against vampires that would otherwise be unstoppable. "
It's awesome to read about - Ok in the beginning we met Kira - she is home now in Charleston because her father was laid off from work and couldn't afford boarding school in New York anymore - she was ok with that. She loved her family and loved to be close to them, so she agreed to go to her senior year of high school at home.
When she got to the school, she got her schedule and walked out of the office door ready to conquer her day - looking for some sign to tell her where her first class was, she bumped into a chest "Are you new?" A handsome blond guy with a lanky build was standing behind her looking over her shoulder at her paper. ... He told her his class was next to her, so she started to follow him. "So you are new, right, or have my great looks made you speechless?" " Yeah I'm new, and what good looks? You're so tall I can't even see your face."
The friendship between Luke and Kira is great! I would love to have a friend like him - he is a protector, a big brother and a best friend all in one. He took pitty on her and showed her around. grabbed a hold of her at lunch and introduced her to the other 4 newbie’s in the school that haven't really found their place in the school. But the 5 of them were just happy to be in their own little group.
It's a lot of fun watching Kira mingle with this group - they are all so different, and yet, they get along so well :)

When Kira's eyes met the Misfits out in the courtyard , something strange happened. But Kira couldn't figure out what it was.

In their next class, Luke was in there with her. And so was the group of Misfits - when Luke was pre-occupied with the girl and 2 of the guys, the 3rd guy's eyes studied Kira - "who are you?" is what he asked... and Kira was trapped in his gaze could only answer her name.

Tristan *sigh* So dreamy, so sexy, so bad boy gotta have him, but know he's going to break my heart anyways but i don't care -
The story is fun, exciting and full of drama! Conduit's vs Vampires - her whole world as she knew it (nice and normal) turned completely upside down, inside out and every other twisted way imaginable - and she only could rely on 2 people to trust - Luke - the Protector, whose sole purpose was to protect people from evil Vampires and teach her about her new life - and Tristan, a Vampire whose sole purpose was to protect Kira from harm -
I'm really excited I got the chance to read this book -

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