Monday, January 3, 2011

Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers

Ok this was a good book :) I liked it - It reminded me a lot of Vapire Diaries .. I wasn't a big fan of that book but I was all for the Love Triangle - Sure I pulled for Damon :)
I think this book is going to come really close to how much I love Hush Hush ...
Anyways -this book was kind of like that one because of the "never ending" ending :) It had about 5 different places it could have ended - but I do like the last one the best :)
a LOT happened in this book - I really wish they would have put Gabe's POV in there - maybe a couple of times at least so we could really see how he felt about Frannie - And I'm not big on her name either :)
I love the different sents that showed off her moods - it was a nice way of knowing how she was feeling without going into her mind . The "entering her soul" part was a bit intense too :)
I think Belias and Avaira were a bit much - I don't understand why they were trying to keep Luc from "tagging" Frannie - like why was Avaira in his bed?? I did like the Hellhounds though - Barghest :)
It would be fun if he comes back in the next book to protect her.
I'm curious about how the next book is going to play out - is it going to be more of the same? Just the 3 - no wait , 4 of them fighting everyone off? I peeked on Lisa Desrochers website and "the Orginal Sin" (the 2nd book) cover looks like she's more with Gabe then Luc in that book - so I'm curious about how it's going to work ... not sure when it comes out though -


  1. What team are you? Luc or Gabe!?


    TEAM LUC!!!!

  2. Def Team Luc!!!

    I have a review for this book - not sure why it didn't save But I'm adding it now

  3. Yay... Same team!!=)

    I thought VD was okay but the last book was boring and I didn't finish it!!

    Gabe's perspective would have been interesting!!