Wednesday, January 19, 2011

VampireVille series by E.Schreiber

Vampire KissesVampire Kisses by E. Schreiber

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just finished the first 4 books of this series - I'm stopping here :) There are 7 books out and a few more on the way - but I've had enough.

This series is really cute - I have loved it so far - but it's a typical vampire - mortal outcast gothic girl meets georgous out cast vampire boy :)

The series start off with him moving in. she's been an outcast in her small town since she was born - but she loved it.

They went on a few vampire adventures where a few of Alexander's past vampire friends showed up from Romania and tried to get even with him by going after Raven - They had some fun times - romantic picnics in the cemetary - cool hike into a lost cave - beautiful midnight medow stroll - just a lot of fun stuff -

I can't discribe her relationship with Trevor - the preppy townie mortal boy who has "hated" Raven since Kindergarten. but they seem to have some sort of a flirty love/hate relationship. Always very scarcastic and very harsh - and yet he keeps coming back to knock her down again - it's cute that she really truely loves Alexander - but it's sad that she couldn't give Trevor the attention that he craved. negitive or positive.

BUT that's ok - because the start of the 5th book that I'm not going to be reading starts off on Summer Vaccation. And Alexander still hasn't come back from Hipsterville (a town) after dropping off Valentine with his brother and sister. Hopefully he'll be back soon and continue the series . it was really cute and I enjoyed it. The books are very short and easy to read in a couple of hours - but I'm ready to move on to another series of books :)

I would let Samantha read these books - but she's falling behind on her other books - so I'll recommend it to her another time when she's bored aain. Too much going on :)

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