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Started in May 2010
I have bought every book in this series - and as soon as The Last Sacrifice came out in Dec 2010 - I took all my books to Richelle Mead's book signing and she signed all my books! She is AWESOME in person!!!

I still haven't read the Last Sacrivfice - but I've read all the rest - I'll finish up the review when I re-read Spirit Bound :)

Here's the review for the first of this series ...

If you haven't read the series yet, I highly recommend it!

The first book - ok first of all - they're not FULL PLEDGED Vampires - ok - nothing stupid or idiotic :)
There are 3 types of Vampires in this series - the Moroi - which are mostly royal vampires - only they are not imomortal - and they have certain magic specialties - The Dhampirs - which are half vampire/half ... See Morehuman - which act as guardians/guards to the royal Moroi - Then there are Strigoi's - which are FULL OUT EVIL Vampires!
Well the first book I read was really sweet - I liked getting to know the characters - Rose is a Dhampir who was Shadow Kissed (brough back from death) by her Moroi friend Lissa - which gave them a bond that conncects them. Rose can sense Lissa's moods and go into her mind when Lissa has very strong emotions.

The 2nd book was better - they had an Strigoi attact and made all the Moroi's nervous - over Christmas break - all the elder Gaurdian's were working over time - so the kids at the academy took a much needed vaccation - skiing at a Royal Lodge :)
It was a better book - more action packed - I bawled again when her good friend died when he came back to help her defete the strogoi - but it happens right :)
Next book - oh wow - I didn't mention the forbidden love between Rose and her instructor Dimitri - it's forbidden because he's 7 years older - and he's her instroctor/teacher - Well they tried not to love eachother - but of course that's inventable :) They ignored it - and tried self control - and yeah - they did meet up after her first strigoi kill - hey , they may be monsters - but she still decapitated it :) So the 3rd book - she is a little grief stricken - her friend died and she killed - she's only 17 - so she needed someone she could trust to help her out :)
She did start seeing the gost of her friend - which terrified her , but she figured out what it ment (I wont tell)
The battle in the 3rd book broke my heart - I was SO Excited when the Moroi and the Dhampirs faught the Strigoi together - lots of action in this book - But it's no secret that Dimitri dies - well not really dies - he gets turned into a Strigoi -
The book ends there - now I'm off to walmart to buy the 4th book - The 5th is on hold at the library - and there is a final 6th book coming out soon - but ugh!
I'm in LOVE with this series! These guys are all so awesome! TOTALLY recommended for those who like the immortal type books - great love story too :) And a GREAT Bond between a group of friends :)

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