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Looking for Alaska by John Green

Looking for AlaskaLooking for Alaska by John Green

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book just moved into my top 5 favorite YA books!

I didn't even read any of the reviews or even the inside cover of the book so I had no idea what I was reading. I was on the "quotes" from good reads and came across a couple from John Green (looking for Alaska) and thought they were really funny - so I checked out the book at the library and dove into it yesterday - I'm SO glad I did! WOW!

I was hooked from the first page - I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading books from a teenage GUYS POV - I can remember my high school days - and thinking "What is he thinking??" and yet - I never learned to read "guy" thoughts :)

Miles isn't your typical story book teen age guy - there is nothing fabulous about him, not even a good bod or witty sense of humor to look forward to - no; he's a typical regular Joe. Someone who blends in with everyone else enough that no one really knows he's there.

He decided he wanted to go to a Boarding school to try to get a fresh start, to find his "Great Perhaps"

So on his first day there - we meet "The Colonel" - Colonel has been to school for a few years on a scholarship - he knows his way around, he knows who to be friends with, and who to stay away from - he knows how to get a hold of alcohol and cigarettes. He's a funny guy with a great sense of humor. And he's willing to drag Miles (Pudge) along for the ride, if he swears to the one rule... don't rat out ANYONE.

Next we meet Alaska - Yes that's her name - she actually picked the name herself when she was 7 years old and her parents made it legal :)

Alaska is the most beautiful girl Pudge has ever seen, but she's very moody- One second she's flirty and happy, the next she's going to take your head off, or ignore everything about you. But she knows who her friends are... and The Colonel and Pudge are becoming her best friends...

The book goes along - instead of chapters, it is "days before" Because I hadn't read any of the reviews, I had no idea what the "before" was - I was up until after midnight last night wanting to know what happened on the day - because of the situation, I had thought maybe it was the relationship change between Alaska and Pudge - but OMG!!!! I SO wasn't prepared for THAT!!!!
So I stayed up later .. because there was no way I was going to be able to sleep after THAT!

SLIGHT - spoiler here because I have to talk about it...

I was SHOCKED beyond SHOCKED to find out she died! HOLY COW! Things were just getting good between the 5 friends and everyone seemed happy - even after the Barn Incident when everyone displayed their drunken feelings of "Best Day/Worse Day" But Geez! I was at hoping she would have a diary or something that explained what happened!!

Ok - Spoiler is over - got that off my chest now :)

I REALLY enjoyed this book ... in case you didn't notice :) The sense of humor had me ROFLOL - and yes I got weird looks from my kids about it too - especially the PRANK at the end! LOL - That was CLASSIC!! I have to tell my husband about that when he gets home :)

Anyways - Defiantly a great read - worth the loss of sleep I got when I found out what the "Before" and "after" was - I just couldn't find a good stopping point. But it was worth it :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dirty Blood by Heather Hildenbrand

Dirty BloodDirty Blood by Heather Hildenbrand

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great book! Loved this type of Werewolves/Hunters -

It really had a great message to it too.

Tara was a regular girl just out for some fun with her friends.

When she came across the world of werewolves, her life turned around.

She killed a girl/wolf - she didn't know they were real, but it attacked her... Next thing she knew, a guy was standing next to her.. telling her he would take care of everything - she freaked out... and he helped her home...

Wes, a Werewolf/hunter mix breed - He felt the pull towards Tara like a magnet - but fought it with everything he could. It was too strong though.

He brought Tara into the world of the Cause - where Hunters and Werewolves fought together to bring peace among the rest of the wolves/hunters - trying to keep everyone from killing. But it was too dangerous -

Tara ran into a werewolf (literally) and they fought. He was too strong, and he wasn't going to back down. He was out to kill Tara.

This book was awesome - I really loved the relationship between the werewolves and Hunters - you could tell there was tension there between a lot of them. It left you guessing until the end who was the one to turn on the group.

I was really impressed with this story though. I loved the relationship that Tara and Wes grew to have - I wish she didn't dismiss her human friend George so harshly - it just sounded like he was trying to get his future in order, which left little room for Tara. But at least they remained friends.

The book is left open for a possibility of another book for a series - I haven't seen anything on Heather Hildenbrand's page about a second book, but that doesn't really mean anything :)

Hopefully there will be another one - it would be fun to go into training more with Tara, and see Wes finish off the bad guys :)
Oh and let's not forget Mom and Grandma too :)

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hunting Human by Amanda E. Alvarez

Hunting HumanHunting Human by Amanda E. Alvarez

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Awe - another favorite Werewolf book! I loved it!

This book was really great - it started off at a fast past- Liz and her friend Rachel at a bar, ready to go - then on their way out a couple of guys from the bar circle in and knocked them out and threw them in the van -

2 years later - Beth (Liz) living in Portland, switches shifts at her job at the bakery. She loves this job, after a couple of years of moving around every few months, she really wants to stay in Portland and keep her life. She is tired of running away.

Enter Braden, a good family friend of her boss Annie (another great character)  When Braden meets Beth for the first time, he can't stop himself from thinking about her.

Chase – Braden’s brother is in town following a lead - seems Markko is in town, and they don't know what he's after (Markko is an old family feud)

When Beth and Braden finally start to date - Markko makes his appearance to Beth and lets her know he is not happy with the way things were left 2 years ago -

We get a flashback from Beth from 2 years ago about what happened when she and Rachel were abducted ..

This book was awesome! I am a sucker for a good werewolf book and this one was pretty original! I loved the way they helped each other out - and Braden's family, how could you NOT love Annie and Lucy -

This book is defiantly worth more than 5 stars :)

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Being by T.R. Mousner

BeingBeing by T.R. Mousner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cute story with a lot of excitement from the first page!

EBN is a guardian of the Sky from a different planet – She is on a mission and her spaceship ends up crashing in LA California – an Alien Planet called Erox (Earth)

She tries to send a code to her planet, but it keeps bouncing back to her going un-read. She is stuck.

When she leaves the space ship, the Sents (humans) are there trying to figure out what happened (the ship has a protection that turns it invisible from human eyes)

But the Sents don’t believe she was just out and about in the same spot they saw the strange light/crash – They searched her pack and got into her food and medicine – leaving her with nothing left.

The Story is also told from (Aix) her brother’s POV – He is her younger brother and cares a lot about his sister. When he finds out at dinner from his grandfather that EBN is missing and hasn’t contacted them. He gets worried. And tries to communicate with his sister through their bond – She hears him, but she doesn’t respond. There is a lot going on between the Grandfather and Parents, and Aix wants to know what is happening, and why no one will talk to him.

Back on Erox (Earth) EBN struggles with an infected cut on her knee . it hurts, a LOT and she has trouble trying to get around. She manages to find her way to a grocery store and buys some bandages and ointment to help heal her scrapes/cuts.

She meets a handicapped little girl, and feels bad for her. She touches the girl and a miracle happens… she is no longer handicapped!

Word gets around and soon people are lined up around her trailer and she begins helping these Sents (humans) And it wears her down. She meets Shale. He seems like a great guy to have as a friend.

She sneaks off to her space ship and does what she can to fix it. She wants to go home. She doesn’t know what she is suppose to do on Erox, and she’s scared that no one will find her.

She does find some medicine to help heal her, and some food which helps her build her strength back up.

This book is an awesome Science fiction book, it has a strong message about helping out with keeping Earth clean. They also has a strong bond between brother and sister that I really love.

This is a great book for the tween/young adults. I’m going to recommend this book to both 12 year old daughter and my 14 year old son:)

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The Demon Trapper's Daughter by Jana Oliver

The Demon Trapper's Daughter (The Demon Trappers #1)The Demon Trapper's Daughter by Jana Oliver

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow what a way to end a book! At least it is a good start to a happy Ending – and leaves a LOT more to go on for the next book – I’m happy about another book – because I REALLY liked this book!

Riley is the first female who wants to learn how to trap Demons - She learned everything she knew from her dad – she loved him like no one else in the world. They didn’t have a lot of money, but they had each other – until something goes wrong on a hunt, and Paul Blackthrone, Riley’s dad, the only person in the world she cares about more than herself … dies.

From there on it’s a crazy ride.

Dev Beck idolized Paul – Paul had taught him everything he knows about Trapping Demons. And he was there when the Demon’s gained up on him and Paul, when Paul died. Now at 23 years old, he has no choice but to help out 17 year old Riley. It’s the least he can do for Paul. Sure Riley can’t stand to be around him, and he has a hard time taming her attitude nicely, but he owes it to Paul to watch over her.

First things first – This whole book was sad – Although I didn’t cry through-out the whole book, there were places that had me tearing up with her. This poor girl had a lot of bad luck.

The whole bit with the Necromancer coming to the cemetery was pretty cool – though – She had to spend the night in a protection circle around the grave every night until the full moon to word off the Necromancers that were trying to raise her father’s body. That was something new . It would have freaked me out though! But the first night she had Simon to keep her company –

Simon is a 20 year old New Trapper, too. He’s a little farther up than she is, but he’s still learning too. He’s a NCB (Nice Catholic Boy) and is very polite. He doesn’t lose his temper and his faith is his strong suit.

And he cares for Riley.

I was actually pulling for Beck and Riley, more then Simon and Riley, but there are more books :) I loved reading things from Becks POV. He saw things differently then Riley did, and it helped clear a lot of things up J

I am anxious to read the next book Soul Theif - coming out August 30, 2011

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Abithica by Susan Goldsmith

AbithicaAbithica by Susan Goldsmith

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The book comes out June 15th, but get this ...
ABITHICA is also available for pre-order on Barnes and Noble today!!!

To celebrate, Susan Goldsmith offering a signed giveaway on Goodreads.
Here is my review ... AHH What a great story! I REALLY REALLY Am happy I got the chance to read this book! This is totally something new to me –

Sydney is a total rebel – maybe 17 years old, she left her mom for drugs, sex and as much fun as she could get –

A couple years later – Faith (Sydney’s mom) fell in love, She contacted Sydney and asked her to join her at a restaurant to talk and try to work things out.

All of a sudden, Sydney was shoved in the back of her mind and we meet the NEW Sydney – A Parasite – An Angel – who knows what she is, but

All she knows is that she is now taking over Sydney’s body – she doesn’t know anything about Sydney’s Past, and she doesn’t know why she’s there to “help” Sydney

But she does know that once things start going good – she is going to get Yanked out of Sydney’s body and thrown into another “broken” body and she’ll have to start all over again.

Never getting attached, loved, or anything that can and would anchor her down…

Until she got to know Faith – and liked her. She went home with Faith (Sydney’s mom) and tried to be the daughter Faith had always wanted (in Sydney’s Body) . Faith agreed not to ask questions about

Sydney’s past (since she didn’t know Sydney’s past) and they could get to know each other all over again.

SO Faith brings Sydney to The Mall (where she works in Shoes – because Faith can tell a LOT about a person based on their shoes alone  )

Walking towards Dillards Shoe Department, Sydney was stopped by a few children who were drawn to her. One little girl latched on to her leg and refused to let go.

That’s when Lane Riley walked up to Sydney to help pry his little sister off her leg… their eyes met … BOOM – there it is folks! One of the greatest things that could ever happy to her – err umm Sidney – or Abithica as we find out towards the end (ok I don’t think that’s a spoiler….)

Abithica is confused – she wants what Sydney has – she wants the look Lane gave her to be for HER and not Sydney – she is having trouble understanding what she is, and where she and Sydney are different.

She can feel Sydney in there, and knows she is not happy – But Abithica is… she is finally able to experience things she knows are against the rules, but she is determined to have a little joy in her life while she is there.

Shea (Lane’s little sister) believes she is an Angel – and she know without a doubt in her little 6 year old mind that Abithica/Sydney is there for her sake as her guardian Angel.

Father Gabe is a Priest that helps with Shea at the Catholic School she attends , and when he meets Sydney – he remembers her plea for help a few years ago, and he notices right off that she is different.

Between Father Gabe and Shea – they discover the truth …

And THAT’S as far as I’m going to go into this story – it is really a WONDERFUL Story – I got goose bumps in so many different places – This book isn’t a spiritual book (heavy on the Religion) but it does have a few places in there that really get you thinking.

If you believe there are Angels out there – or guardian Angels waiting to help you, if you believe that little children are innocent enough to spot an Angel in a crowded Circus even though you are wearing a different body – And even if you Don’t believe in Angels , but believe in Romance, and Love that is so strong – nothing , even switching from another body to another can stop you from getting to the one you’re supposed to be with – FATE, FAITH, and LOVE –

THIS book was SO GREAT in my eyes – I know it’s defiantly worth MORE then 5 stars 

A REALLY CUTE Quote from Shea on how to pronounce Abithica’s Name 

“Bitha-ca? Hmmm… She had said it better that time. Bithaca.

Yep, she was getting better at it, all right. Bithaca! It was one of those words

that was hard to say at first, like super-cala-fraja-lipstick-ex-pee-ala-doe-shus, but

if you said it enough times it started to come out just right. Bithaca! “

Then Lane a little later …

“He laughed. “That was very good, Shae. Now can you say A-bithica Brave

Britches real fast, three times in a row?”

She shook her head. “But I can say super-cala-fraja-lipstick-ex-p-ala-doeshus

really fast. Wanna hear me?””

I’m not too sure about the pet name “Brave Britches” that he gave her, but it works 

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Book Stamps

BookMarks to print up (read disclaimer)

Disclaimer -
I did not make any of these , nor am I taking credit for them - I found all of these at  Deviont Art
They have a LOT more - I just ran out of time to browse :) These are just some of my favorites