Monday, January 31, 2011

The Sky is Everwhere by Jandy Nelson

The Sky Is EverywhereThe Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW! I guess I really didn't have any ideas what this book was about when I got it from the library :)

I had seen a couple of people from GoodReads that had read it and gave it 4 or 5 stars - I didn't even read what it was about.

Seriously - I have not cried this much over a book since I read "I heart you, you haunt me " or "chasing brooklyn" probably a year ago or so -

I have never lost someone that close to me - not a sister, boyfriend , or even a really good friend - so I really can't relate how this book feels to the person in it - but just feeling what they are feeling - just breaks my heart in 2 - I think that's why I try to stay clear of these types of books :) I do love it though - just gets me in a little depressed rut that I have to hurry and get out of :)

Let's see - In this book Lennie lost her sister - she finds herself greiving - and it's hard. Her mother left when she was 1 year old and her Gramother and Uncle raised her and her sister.

Lennie meets up with Toby - Her sister's boyfriend - and their greif is so raw it's hard to hate him , but hard to love him too.

Then comes in Joe ... "Quel dork"  lol this guy is hot - and he is determined to break through Lennie's shell and get to know her. He knows how to make her laugh - and even though she feels guilty for being happy - she finds herself becoming more and more happier when he's around.

Like I said - this book is pretty pationate - I really liked the way it was written out. The thought of her writing down her feelings and tossing them away. I've done this before and it helps so much.

I don't recommend reading this book with little kids around though :) luckly my older daughter is home "sick" today and has been keeping my others occupied while I finished this book. The reading goes quickly - I couldn't find any good stopping points to take breaks.

But it is ranked up there with the top of the list books :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Last Vampire Standing by Nancy Haddock

Last Vampire Standing (Oldest City Vampire, #2)Last Vampire Standing by Nancy Haddock

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was iffy on reading the first book, let alone the 2nd - just because the back of the book makes it look stupid. I actually put them back on the shelf at the library a couple of times when I found something else that I liked..

But this time - I was desperate after going through a couple of books that I just couldn't get into - so I picked up this series and started them.

I am glad I did.

The storyline is really cute. The first book I think was better - She was getting use to the now a days way of of life and trying to fit in as a human after being buried alive in a coffin for 200 years , using her vampire hearing to listen to the world evolve around her wasn't enough.

In the second book - it gets a little more.. complex.

Jo-Jo the Jester runs away from his Nest in Atlantas because his girlfriend leaves him for another guy.

Jo-Jo was a court Jester back in the 1800's when he was funny :)

Now he's a little out dated and wants to start working in comic clubs - but he's afraid Vlad (the head vamp in Atlantas) will come for him. So he seeks out Princess Cesca for protection and guidence.

Of course Saber and Cesca are together now - REALLY together now :) and together they help Jo-Jo get his "act" together - all while Jo-Jo gives Cesca flying lessons , and to help her come into her new powers.

Triton keeps coming in and out mysteriously like he did in the first book - but he does give Cesca a little more information - not a lot - we're still trying to figure out where he comes in during this series - but it's not the second book :)

Pandora's still around and still mysterous in this book as well. But she does hang around protecting Cesca and even talks to her. Although she doesn't give her any useful informantion - she does a good job helping her out though.

At the end , we also meet Pandora's ... handler? I don't think that's the right word - more like companion ? Human? and yes , he is full of mystery too , but promises to help guide as well as explain things Cesca in the near future (next book)

This book was pretty good - but I'm only giving it 4 stars - The book took off great - the relationship between Maggie, Neil , Saber and Cesca were great - I fell in love with Jo-Jo and all his Royal titles for Cesca instantly.

The story picked up and started getting intense with Marco (Jo-Jo's girlfriend's new boyfriend) and Laural (Ike's 2nd in command) and the newest ghost / energy that keeps showing up on video on Cesca's ghost tours. Wont go into details with that but read the book and you'll know what I'm talking about :)

All the peices were starting to fit together - it started getting really good and I didn't want to stop ... then within 3 pages - it was over ...

and I'm still not even sure what I was reading - I re-read it - but all the popping in and out and light shows and - yeah - I don't want to give it away - but I think she could have saved the day a little better then that.

BUT then she has a little chat with Triton at the end and sets up for her next book in April - so I supose the cheap shot ending kind of fits in for the next book , giving her room to grow - but I still think it should have dragged out a little more.

I will be in line to read the next book - Always a Vampire coming out in April 2011 :)

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

La Vida Vampire by Nancy Haddock

La Vida Vampire (Oldest City Vampire, #1)La Vida Vampire by Nancy Haddock

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I Liked this book!

I had read 3 books before this one that I just couldn't get into and ended up putting them down. So I was really looking for a book that I could just get through.

The back of the book states that Francesca was trapped underground for more then 200 years - and was dug up by her now best friend who had bought the land to renovation of a Victorian mansion she was burried under.

Ok so in this book - supernaturalals are public known , and Vampires are actually protected by law :) Kewl -

So getting to know this 227 year old Virgin Vampire (yes that's a long time to wait for Mr.Right to come along )

After a year of coming out of her coffin (literally) she is finally coming to terms with the new ages - she loves to read mysetery novels and watch Crime TV (CSI - MONK - who doesn't? )

Cesca doesn't like to use her Vampire powers - reading minds - feeling emotions - running fast - she likes her truck :) She prefers to drink her blood in private. all and all , she's not a normal vampire - She can actually go out in the sun for a couple of hours after sunrise, and before sunset - She does need to sleep a few hours during the high peek of the day though . but the other vampires can't come out in the sunlight ...

She finally lands a job - just a few blocks from her house being a tour guide though the St. Augustine Ghost Town - Since she lived in this town before she was a Vampire - she knew the area well. The ghosts are harmless and friendly - well most of them are friendly , some of them are just rude :)

Her first tour - and she she has a crazy group of people with lots of questions. They spot a few ghosts and have fun .. until it's over when one of the guys turns out to be a member of the Coventant (anti Vamire group) and threatens Cesca's life. Everyone is shocked and goes to the main building to file their wittness of his threats.

Things start to go downhill - the same group of people show up for her next tour the next night to try to keep an eye on her - including the Coventant guy - It's not as bad - but the tention is still there.

Then it happens - When she was out surfing one morning at sunrise - something hit her foot - a dead body - and it belongs to someone from her tour group - AHHH!!!

Enter the police - "Dante" pant "Saber" pant pant (her quote not mine :) is the special paranormal dective and really gets on her nerves because she doesnt' act like a blood sucker (in fact she doesn't Bite People ) ( but of course they don't get along ! )

Well one thing leads to another - the crimes and attacks keep coming at her - and Saber ends up staying with her to protect her... You can see where this is going :) and it does :)

So that's basicly this story - it ends well and even starts off the next book - well not really starts it off - but after reading the last chapter - you can see where the next book is headed - which is ok - because I'm going to read it :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

The mage in Black by Jaye Wells

The Mage in Black (Sabina Kane, #2)The Mage in Black by Jaye Wells

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW! What a great series so far - I don't want to wait another month for the next book :(

First of all - the model they used on the cover of these books is awsome! She reminds me of Richelle Mead - mostly the look of the red hair and pale skin - but she looks so strong willed in every way. I don't know Richelle Mead - other then meeting her once at a book signing but still - that's my impression :)

Anyways - I really liked this book - I anxious for her to meet her new sister - but I wasn't prepared for the differences between the two -they are complete oposite in almost everyway - but they also have a lot of simularities - not just in looks.

But I'm happy that they get along so well - I was really Sad to see Adam having to leave so soon after Sabina showed up to New York , and he was gone for SO LONG :(

Entered Slade - AKA - The Shade - This character fit in there pretty good. Someone familuar to Sabina - she knew him in the past. Even with their fall out from 30 years ago - they start to get closer as friends. I wanted to tear the book in half when I saw how friendly they were becoming (Team Adam :) But yeah - it worked out for the best (JMHO)

Giguhl has a strong part in this book - with his new hobby of Demon Fight Club (Holy cow I laughed so hard when I read the first two rules of the Demon Fight club - Ever see the movie Fight Club??? That's one of our favorites )

" Rule number two??? DO NOT TALK ABOUT DEMOND FIGHT CLUB!!!"

Loved that!

Ok So Giguhl kicks butt in this book - and we even get a new character when he Valva (yes that's her name ) is summons to fight Giguhl - She is handed over to Maisie by accident (or is it?) so now both sisters have a Demon Minion - and these two demons are starting to forgot that part :)

Oh anyways - so a lot happens in this book - there is a really big cliffhanger for the next book - that really disapoints me - but from what I've read - there are only 3 books to this series - so everything will wrap up in the next book nicely -

This book comes together when she starts to get comfortable with her new Mage family/friends - starts to learn her magic and all of a sudden someone is out to kill her .. again.

An all out war is on the horizon between the Dominae and the Manges - as well as the warewolves, and Vampires and Fae .

Next book - Sabina is headed back to LA to try to find her sister who was kidnapped by her crazy Grandmother - The Head Alpha Dominae of the Vampires (I think that's her title)

She's teaming up with all her closest friends - Adam (sigh) and Giguhls, and Valva start off into the night .....

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells

Red-Headed Stepchild (Sabina Kane, #1)Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really liked this book - it had a lot of action in it.

Sabina is an assassin who is trying to gain the much deserved respect from her granmother (the head of the Domaine) only problem is - Sabina is half vampire and half mange - meaning her grandmother is highly dissapointed in just about everything Sabina does - just because she was born.

It's kind of sad that way. But She is tested towards her loyalty - even if it means killing her friend :(

She is sent away by her Grandmother to dis-connect herself from the Domaine - to try to convince everyone that she is on her own.

When She is approached by Franco (Frank) and brought to Clovis - The good smartian half vampire, half demon whom is trying to save the world by bringing Vampires, Mange, Fae , Mortals etc together to live in peaceful harmony.

But there is only on mission that Sabina is on - and that's to please her grandmother.

Enter Sexy Hexy - Adam - *sigh* Adam is a Mange whom was sent by the High councel to keep an eye on Sabina.

She gets really annoyed with him popping up all over the place following her - but after awhile - They start to become friends

Since Sabina is an assassin - she is use to working on her own without anyone else to care for - so having friends on her side - someone to watch her back - that's new to her. And she's not sure how to handle it.

The final battle happens and Now Sabina is looking at her life in a brand new light -

I really enjoyed this book - it was a lot of fun to read - My favorite charactor has to be Giguhl - The Demon whom was summons by Adam to kill her. Since she grew up as a Vampire - she couldn't send him back to where he belongs, only the one who summons him can - so she is stuck with a demon for a while - he watches TV 24 hours a day and uses her credit card to order things.

When she leaves for SanFrancisco to meet with Clovis - Giguhl comes with her in the form of a cat. They have regular conversatations and become good friends :) I want a demon :)

I will be starting The Mange in Black tomorrow - but I'm still waiting for Green Eyed Demon to come in at the library - i'm #1 on the waiting list - but it usually takes a month or so for the order to go through :(

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Web of Lies by Jennifer Estep

Web of Lies (Elemental Assassin, #2)Web of Lies by Jennifer Estep

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had to stay up late to finish this book - it just didn't want to end :)

I really liked this book a lot better then the first book - I think because Donovan wasn't in it that much :) I sitll have issues with him.. maybe because Owen is a new contestant in the running - he seems like a better guy for her anyways - just saying :)

Ok well I did like this book because it felt more..focused. There was actualy one problem she was dealing with that was was believable to exist in life... DIMONDS!!! Always a girls best friend - or in this case - a Dwarf's best friend -

The part about Jake McAllister kind of blew me away - I was disapointed that his dad showed up to "take care" of the problem. In my opinion - his dad should let the kid rot in jail for what he did - geez! But I guess if you have enough money - daddy can do anything to save you ... not sure he really deserved what he got at the party - but it worked .. now she has another problem .. make that TWO more problems - since Mab now wants her :)

The ending was a little bit much - but it worked out well enough for me to finish reading it without skimming over too much - She came into some stronger powers now - so the next book should really be intersting. Again , I'm not a big fan of elemental magical powers - but we'll see how this works to her advantage.

I still don't like Donovan - he still feels out of place in this series - so I'm happy to read the ending (ok that was a semi spoiler - sorry!)

BUT I'm looking forward to the next book - lots of promises she made in the end that sounds like it will be even better then this one was .

Now I"m off to bed :)

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Spider's Bite by Jennifer Estep

Back to the present :)
Just finished this book yesterday and started on Web of Lies

Spider's Bite (Elemental Assassin, #1)Spider's Bite by Jennifer Estep

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Umm This book was pretty good - I gave it 4 stars because I finished it will read the next book too. So it wasn't that bad :)

All and all I DID like the book - but there seemed to be a lot about it that I didn't like. The storyline was good - It explained how she became an assassin - losing her family when she was you - learning about her elemental powers and trying to make due with what she had ...

I have never read an assassin book before - at least not where she was the good guy and the bad guy all roled into one. She was paid to kill people - but she only killed people who deserved it. So I supose there is good in her. She does try to pull off that she doesn't care about anything or isn't sorry about anything but you can see she does care.   when Donovan Caine tells her that he's there to save Rosalle, and not Finn or Her - he doesn't care about her ... She said that it stung.

I'm not too big on Donovan Caine - for one she discribes him as not THAT good looking - but his good characteristics make her hot for him.  This guy is supose to be the only good cop in the city .

He doesn't like her - infact he wants to kill her because she killed his partner. But that doesn't stop him from their hot and heavy sex in the supply closet ... twice - while they're waiting for word from the poeple she's trying to kill ?? humm guess that's one way to pass the time with someone who is mildly cute, right?

I'm not to big on her bold-ness about the relationship - she kills people, yeah , I get that - but she practically throws herself at him. The scene at the bar kind of threw me off - After one drink - and again waiting for the bad guys to show up - why not make the most of their time? It seemed out of character for her I think.

I don't know - just seems like their relationship should have smoothed out a little - I can see why she didn't want to tell him about his partner being slime - but still - I kept waiting for Finn to tell him or someone else to jump in - then he realizes she's the good guy and falls for her that way - then they can live happily ever after ...

I HAVE read books about the Elemental powers though and I have to say - They're not my favorite - I'd rather she be able to fly or have super human strength - maybe her hand transforms into a bunch of knife fingers or something unbelievable like that  - but the elements ... that's cheating! How can somoene produce tornado type winds and throw it at someone chest to kill them?  Throw bricks from a building from the other side of the room ? Set a house on  fire and burn through people from the inside out? Or make their body solid stone so nothing hurts them while still able to fight?? Yikes!?!
Even the end of Braking Dawn was a let down when they started playing with the elements in the battle.

BUT for what this book was about - it was pretty good. I was able to look over her magical use of the stone - the ice ... ok I"ll let her have that too .

now I'm not so sure how the next book is going to play out , but I'll give it a shot.

So all and all - the book was ok :)  It held my interest

Shadow of the Vamipre by Meagan Hatfield

Read in September 2010

Shadow of the VampireShadow of the Vampire by Meagan Hatfield

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My, my, my! I think I was blushing the whole time while reading this book. Literally :).

Ok I'm not supose to read these books because they are STRONG with sexual conduct - but I REALLY liked this storyline!

It's not so much as vampires - he is ... The DRAGON LORD!!! I don't have this book with me I lent it to a friend - I read this book awhile ago just because I was mad at the world and wanted to get lost in a book I wasn't supose to - I had NO IDEA!!!

I want to live in this land - to be held the with wings pressing against your back to hold you closer - ahhhh I remember this story so well :)

Back of the Book

Vampire princess Alexia Feodorovna has been undead for 125 years, so it's been a while since any man has made her pulse race. Until Declan Black. One look at his bronzed body and a fire like no other consumes her. Then she discovers that he's a dragon lord come to take revenge on the vamps who killed his parents. And claim a crystal said to imbue its owner with incredible powers.

Alexia is ordered to torture and kill the dragon lord. Yet with each reckless encounter, she finds herself consumed by his fiery passion. A passion Declan battles, as well. Will he be able to resist the fire of lust she kindles within him and keep revenge in his heart? Or will he risk everything to quench the burning desire and claim the vampire as his own?

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The Karma Club by Jessica Brody

The Karma ClubThe Karma Club by Jessica Brody

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think this is a cute premise. What girl who has just been cheated on doesn't want to see some karmic comeuppance kick her ex in the butt? It's something everyone can relate to, that helpless feeling when someone does you wrong and you can't believe they are just going to get away with it and be happy. This is a cute plot, and I'm curious about the different things that Maddy is going to do to try to get karma to take care of her ex-bf, and then how it is going to turn around on her. It seems like there is a lot of potential for fun in this one. It reminds me a bit of The Lonely Hearts Club, which was a very cute and fun read

Here's the back of the book =

Madison Kasparkova always thought she understood how Karma works. It’s that mysterious, powerful force that brings harmony to the universe. You know—do good things and you will be rewarded, do something bad and Karma will make sure you get what’s coming to you. A sort of cosmic balancing act. But when Mason Brooks, Maddy’s boyfriend of two years, gets caught tongue-wrestling with Miss Perfect Body Heather Campbell, and absolutely nothing happens to either of them—except that they wind up the hot new couple of Colonial High School, it seems like Karma has officially left Maddy in the lurch.

That’s why Maddy and her best friends, Angie and Jade, decide to start the Karma Club—a secret, members-only organization whose sole purpose is to clean up the messes that the universe has been leaving behind. Whether they’re modifying Heather Campbell’s acne cream as part of “Operation Butterface,” or righting a few wrongs when it comes to Angie and Jade’s own slimy exes, they know they’re just doing what Karma should have done in the first place. They’re taking care of one another.

Sometimes, though, it isn’t wise to meddle with the universe. Because it turns out, when you mess with Karma, Karma messes back. Now Maddy must find a way to balance her life for good, even as everything around her seems to be toppling to the ground

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I think this is a cute premise. What girl who has just been cheated on doesn't want to see some karmic comeuppance kick her ex in the butt? It's something everyone can relate to, that helpless feeling when someone does you wrong and you can't believe they are just going to get away with it and be happy. This is a cute plot, and I'm curious about the different things that Maddy is going to do to try to get karma to take care of her ex-bf, and then how it is going to turn around on her. It seems like there is a lot of potential for fun in this one. It reminds me a bit of The Lonely Hearts Club, which was a very cute and fun read

Here's the back of the book =

Madison Kasparkova always thought she understood how Karma works. It’s that mysterious, powerful force that brings harmony to the universe. You know—do good things and you will be rewarded, do something bad and Karma will make sure you get what’s coming to you. A sort of cosmic balancing act. But when Mason Brooks, Maddy’s boyfriend of two years, gets caught tongue-wrestling with Miss Perfect Body Heather Campbell, and absolutely nothing happens to either of them—except that they wind up the hot new couple of Colonial High School, it seems like Karma has officially left Maddy in the lurch.

That’s why Maddy and her best friends, Angie and Jade, decide to start the Karma Club—a secret, members-only organization whose sole purpose is to clean up the messes that the universe has been leaving behind. Whether they’re modifying Heather Campbell’s acne cream as part of “Operation Butterface,” or righting a few wrongs when it comes to Angie and Jade’s own slimy exes, they know they’re just doing what Karma should have done in the first place. They’re taking care of one another.

Sometimes, though, it isn’t wise to meddle with the universe. Because it turns out, when you mess with Karma, Karma messes back. Now Maddy must find a way to balance her life for good, even as everything around her seems to be toppling to the ground..

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Caleb & Kate by Cindy Martinusen - Coloma

Caleb + KateCaleb + Kate by Cindy Martinusen-Coloma

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book was read for a book of the month club -

It's more of a PG version of Perfect Chemestry - which I liked - but this time he wasn't in a Gang - Caleb is Hawaiian and a good studen/example - just comes from a family that has years of hatrid between them - so it's a story of forbidden love from the family - a Romeo and Juliet story -

It was told in sections from Kates POV then Calebs POV so you got both sides of their true love (same as perfect chemestry)

Both are Christians who have strong belifs - as he has to go back to Hawaii and leave her - she realizes that "God is Love, and Love just is" Love is all around - rich, poor, mother and child. Love just "is" the same way that God is -

It has a really good meaning to it :)

Here's the back of the book

As the popular darling of the junior class and heiress to the five-star Monrovi Inn empire, Kate has both everything and nothing. She's bored with school and life...until she locks eyes with Caleb at a school dance.

Caleb is new to Kate's exclusive prep school, and it's clear he doesn't fit in. In fact, he and his dad work in maintenance for Kate's father. And while Caleb knows better than to spend time with the boss's daughter, it seems that every time he tries to back away, something pulls him right back in.

When their parents demand that they are to stay away from each other, they learn of a fight between their families that occurred more than fifty years ago. It's a mystery Kate doesn't understand...but a legacy Caleb has endured his entire life.

With the world stacked against them, Caleb and Kate will have to walk by faith to find the path that God has planned for them.

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VampireVille series by E.Schreiber

Vampire KissesVampire Kisses by E. Schreiber

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just finished the first 4 books of this series - I'm stopping here :) There are 7 books out and a few more on the way - but I've had enough.

This series is really cute - I have loved it so far - but it's a typical vampire - mortal outcast gothic girl meets georgous out cast vampire boy :)

The series start off with him moving in. she's been an outcast in her small town since she was born - but she loved it.

They went on a few vampire adventures where a few of Alexander's past vampire friends showed up from Romania and tried to get even with him by going after Raven - They had some fun times - romantic picnics in the cemetary - cool hike into a lost cave - beautiful midnight medow stroll - just a lot of fun stuff -

I can't discribe her relationship with Trevor - the preppy townie mortal boy who has "hated" Raven since Kindergarten. but they seem to have some sort of a flirty love/hate relationship. Always very scarcastic and very harsh - and yet he keeps coming back to knock her down again - it's cute that she really truely loves Alexander - but it's sad that she couldn't give Trevor the attention that he craved. negitive or positive.

BUT that's ok - because the start of the 5th book that I'm not going to be reading starts off on Summer Vaccation. And Alexander still hasn't come back from Hipsterville (a town) after dropping off Valentine with his brother and sister. Hopefully he'll be back soon and continue the series . it was really cute and I enjoyed it. The books are very short and easy to read in a couple of hours - but I'm ready to move on to another series of books :)

I would let Samantha read these books - but she's falling behind on her other books - so I'll recommend it to her another time when she's bored aain. Too much going on :)

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Jekel Loves Hyde by Beth Fantaskey

Jekel Loves HydeJekel Loves Hyde by Beth Fantaskey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well it wasn't as great as Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side - but it was a great page turner story :) Every chance I got I opened the book to read a couple of pages :)

This was a really sweet story with a lot of Twisted plots - If you know of Dr Jakell and Mr Hyde's story - then this book is for you.

Turns out the book is based on a 'true story" (ok for this book it is) and the Hyde's are cursed with the monster seeking to KILL -

The story takes place in a chemestry class room where Jill (the really shy quiet girl) and Tristian (the confindent thug that everyone is afraid of but respects get together as partners for a Chemestry contest -

Jill Jekel has always obeyed her parents’ rules – especially the one about never opening the mysterious, old box in her father’s office. But when her dad is murdered, and her college savings disappear, this good girl is tempted to peek inside, because the contents just might be key to winning a lucrative chemistry scholarship.

To better her odds, Jill enlists the help of gorgeous, brooding Tristen Hyde, who has his own dark secrets locked away. As the team of Jekel and Hyde, they recreate experiments based on the classic novel, hoping not only to win a prize, but to save Tristen’s sanity. Maybe his life. As things heat up in the lab though, Jill’s accidental taste of a formula unleashes her darkest nature and will compel her to risk everything – even Tristen’s love – just for the thrill of being… bad.

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Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMGosh! This BOOK! I ran out and bought this - I LOVE it!

Seriously! if you thought Edward was romantic and nobel - you have GOT to meet Lucius Vladescus from Romania - Ok this story isn't exactly like Twilight - more like.... new moon in a sence.

He meets her at the start of her senior year - and she finds out that she is a princess and has been arranged since she was a year old to be married to Lucius. Her parents (Vampires) gave her to the American humans to raise when they found out they were to be distoryed in a kind of cilval war against vampires -

Well she grew up knowing nothing about this - so when Lucius shows up at her high school... what's she to think? Her mom recognizes him at once and takes her home to explain to her about the arrangment.

Her real name is Antanasia Dragomirs (funny thing because Lisa Dragomir is the LAST Vampire Roality in the Vampire Academy books) But Antanasia Dragomir is THE last Vampire Princess and has to marry Lucius before war breaks out.

Well they have a few months before she turns 18 - and she doesn't believe in Vampires...

He tries to "court" her but she is a stuborn girl. She doesn't want antying to do with him and his so called vampireism -

But something happens, he gets hurt - and she starts to wonder why she cares - then ...what's her name.. Faith comes along (the popular cheerleader who has to have the "hot guy" - ugh ) and he turns his head. He decides he doesn't want to marry Jessica anymore - he wans to rebel against his Romania ways because he's never had a life outside the castle before.

SO off he goes to play with his new toy :) Jessica gets pretty annoyed because she realizes that she has feelings for him - and he doesn't seem to care.

SOO what happens when his Royal family comes to the USA to find out why he's with another american girl instead of the one that he's supose to marry to stop the war in Romania??

I don't want to ruin the whole book - but lets just say - I'm so freakin' in love with this book :) I laughed, I cried - WOW I cried - I think I might have cried more then when I read New Moon - all 12 times! it rips your heart out and has you feeling everything she feels. And his letters to his Uncle clues you in on how he feels - and... it's just a great book :)

I'm excited to read it again.... some day :)

Ok it's got a LOT of knock offs

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Devoured by Amanda Marrone

DevouredDevoured by Amanda Marrone

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a pretty cute book - It's really a prodogy to Snow White - with perks :)

The story was a little hard to read - It's all fairy tale and hauntings - which aren't really my thing - but it turned out pretty cute.

here's what it's about ...

Megan’s twin sister Remy died in an accident nine years ago, and she’s been haunting her ever since. Knowing how crazy that sounds, Megan keeps this secret to herself and tries to lead a normal life. But when she takes a summer job at Land of Enchantment to keep an eye on her new boyfriend and his lovesick best friend, Samantha, she meets fellow employee Luke who can see Remy, too. Things get even twistier because Megan’s new friend Ari is sporting a massive crush on Luke, who seems to be developing a massive crush on Megan…making for a love triangle that’s positively possessed.

Megan wants to keep her distance from Luke, but when Remy’s visions get crazy violent; she knows she needs his help. Because someone’s definitely in danger...the only question is who?

She deals with a lot of stress and death and this story definatly had me in tears in a few different spots.

All and all, it was a pretty good book :)

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Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

June 2, 2010 - I finally discovered the Adult Fiction section at the library and this was my first book - I was trying to be modest when writing the review for the sake of my family - but they don't know about this blog so ignore it :) I don't blush over the sex parts anymore :)

Bitten (Women of the Otherworld, #1)Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok ok ok - YES this is an ADULT Fiction (Urban Fantasy) book - but let me tell you - I was curious about the difference between Adult Fiction and young Adult fiction - and frankly - there isn't much difference. The big thing I've read about is that the characters are older - so I gave this book a try - and it's one of my favorites :) I'm not going to read the whole series - Kelley Armstrong has written a lot of books for this series - but she said on her website that this first book wasn't going to be a series - it was just going to be a stand alone book. So she ended it really well - it cleared up all the problems and didn't leave me hanging on wanting to read more -

The main "Adult" thing in here is yes - once they turn from werewolf to human - they are naked (gasp - so does twilight!) So they do run around in the forest naked - the kissing scenese are a little steamier - but it doesn't get really emberessing to read about. So I think I'm ok with this book - a strong PG 13 - I have a couple of other books on hold from kelley Armstrong - so I'm excited to read those.

Here's what this book is about -

Elena Michaels is the world's only female werewolf. And she's tired of it. Tired of a life spent hiding and protecting, a life where her most important job is hunting down rogue werewolves. Tired of a world that not only accepts the worst in her— her temper, her violence—but requires it. Worst of all, she realizes she's growing content with that life, with being that person.

So she left the Pack and returned to Toronto where she's trying to live as a human. When the Pack leader calls asking for her help fighting a sudden uprising, she only agrees because she owes him. Once this is over, she'll be squared with the Pack and free to live life as a human. Which is what she wants. or is it??

This book has your typical love triangle - but since she's the only female werewolf (EVER) she has a lot of male werewolves panting over her - she's not a big flirt - her humor lets them down in a way that they know she's serious to leave her alone, but in a teasing way so they don't get in a huge brawl over it. There are only 2 guys for her though... one is human and one is a werewolf.... I loved who she picked in the end, and really loved how it played out. There was a lot of action in this book between kidnappings and car accidents and gun chasing and people scared of big bad wolves wondering around town :) Defianatly a good book in my opinion -not really for the young at heart though :)

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Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia

Read May 2010 - Have not read the 2nd book though

Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles, #1)Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book wasn't really what I was expecting - but it was good - just different. It's told by a 16 year old boy - which is different then just about every other book I've read -

Ethan Wate is observant, a truth-teller about the way things are in his small town. A town he’s ready to escape. Gatlin isn’t just the setting in BEAUTIFUL CREATURES – it’s another character. The descriptions of the South live and breathe, seducing us into the story with promises of mysterious secrets from both the present and hundreds of years ago.

From interactions with his three elderly aunts (who are absolutely hilarious) to the respect he shows to Amma, the housekeeper who helped raise him, we see that Ethan understands family duty and loyalty. Only one thing challenges that loyalty.

Lena is the niece of Macon Ravenwood, Gatlin’s most notorious recluse. From the moment Lena arrives in Gatlin, she doesn’t have a chance. The house she lives in with her uncle is referred to as the Haunted Mansion. To make matters worse, she drives around in his hearse. Neither of these things fly in Gatlin - especially with the high school crowd. Lena is immediately an outcast. That doesn’t stop Ethan from putting himself on the line for her in front of his friends.

Everything changes on the day Ethan blacks out in class and has a dream he’s had before, a dream about a girl …

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Before I fall by Lauren Oliver

I can't even remember reading this book let alone writing this - but yeah - Read it May 22 2010

Before I FallBefore I Fall by Lauren Oliver

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I hated this book, and loved it at the same time. It’s cruel, and frustrating, unfair, and yet it’s also sad, and hopeful, and honest and authentic. I’m not sure how everyone else feels about their High School experience, but I despised mine. You couldn’t pay me to go back. However, this story was so vivid, that I felt as though I could smell the grease from the cafeteria, feel the rough tile on the bathroom floor and the chill of that cold fateful night. I even cringed at the hurt that all these characters so casually inflicted upon one another, so I guess I went back after all.

Sam is not a nice girl. She is a witch with a capital B. She doesn’t set out to maliciously attack anyone, but she doesn’t stand against it either.

Naturally, when Samantha meets an her end after forcing us to spend a day in her insipid world, I hardly felt bad for her. How sad is that? A teen girl dies tragically, and I thought she got what she deserved. Thus is the beauty of this book.

Told in seven chapters, each representing the same day, Before I Fall tells the story of a typically popular girl, who gets six days to right some wrongs. (she even mentions she feels like she belongs in the movie "ground hog day" )Make no mistake. I hardly think one day is sufficient to mend the hurt that these girls created. It in no way rectifies the things that Samantha has done, but it’s a start in the right direction. Rather, I felt this story allowed readers to realize that there is depth to us all. The character development of all the characters was astounding, and the character growth, drastic though it may be, was entirely believable.

Giving this book a good thumbs up :)

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Started in May 2010
I have bought every book in this series - and as soon as The Last Sacrifice came out in Dec 2010 - I took all my books to Richelle Mead's book signing and she signed all my books! She is AWESOME in person!!!

I still haven't read the Last Sacrivfice - but I've read all the rest - I'll finish up the review when I re-read Spirit Bound :)

Here's the review for the first of this series ...

If you haven't read the series yet, I highly recommend it!

The first book - ok first of all - they're not FULL PLEDGED Vampires - ok - nothing stupid or idiotic :)
There are 3 types of Vampires in this series - the Moroi - which are mostly royal vampires - only they are not imomortal - and they have certain magic specialties - The Dhampirs - which are half vampire/half ... See Morehuman - which act as guardians/guards to the royal Moroi - Then there are Strigoi's - which are FULL OUT EVIL Vampires!
Well the first book I read was really sweet - I liked getting to know the characters - Rose is a Dhampir who was Shadow Kissed (brough back from death) by her Moroi friend Lissa - which gave them a bond that conncects them. Rose can sense Lissa's moods and go into her mind when Lissa has very strong emotions.

The 2nd book was better - they had an Strigoi attact and made all the Moroi's nervous - over Christmas break - all the elder Gaurdian's were working over time - so the kids at the academy took a much needed vaccation - skiing at a Royal Lodge :)
It was a better book - more action packed - I bawled again when her good friend died when he came back to help her defete the strogoi - but it happens right :)
Next book - oh wow - I didn't mention the forbidden love between Rose and her instructor Dimitri - it's forbidden because he's 7 years older - and he's her instroctor/teacher - Well they tried not to love eachother - but of course that's inventable :) They ignored it - and tried self control - and yeah - they did meet up after her first strigoi kill - hey , they may be monsters - but she still decapitated it :) So the 3rd book - she is a little grief stricken - her friend died and she killed - she's only 17 - so she needed someone she could trust to help her out :)
She did start seeing the gost of her friend - which terrified her , but she figured out what it ment (I wont tell)
The battle in the 3rd book broke my heart - I was SO Excited when the Moroi and the Dhampirs faught the Strigoi together - lots of action in this book - But it's no secret that Dimitri dies - well not really dies - he gets turned into a Strigoi -
The book ends there - now I'm off to walmart to buy the 4th book - The 5th is on hold at the library - and there is a final 6th book coming out soon - but ugh!
I'm in LOVE with this series! These guys are all so awesome! TOTALLY recommended for those who like the immortal type books - great love story too :) And a GREAT Bond between a group of friends :)

Wake - Fade - Gone - 3 books by Lisa McMann

I read this in May 2010

I did like this series a lot :)

In the first book, Wake, 17-year-old Janie, becomes a part of someone else's nightmare. Trouble continues to brew for Janie and her friend, Cabel, as she finds, through her dreams, that there is a drug problem at school. She uses her powers to reveal who is providing drugs to the kids.

In the book, Fade, Janie continues to go into individual's dreams and uncovers the use of a rape drug.

In this second book, she realizes the price for having these powers. She discoveresshe will become blind and her hands will cripple, but fortunately, her friend, Cabel, is wiith her through this scary journey.

She matures through the triology as she learns how to control her powers. She finds that as she goes into dreams, she can pause, reset, and rewind

Meridian by Amber Kizer

Read in April 2010

Meridian (Fenestra, #1)Meridian by Amber Kizer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just finished this book - wow!

I can't remember WHERE I saw the review for this book - but I'm really glad I got to read it -

This book started off - the day she was born death followed her - she thought she was cursed - but it turned out she was blessed - by her 16th birthday she turns fully into a Fenestra - she opens the window for those that die - she has a couple of weeks to learn everything in order to help her aunt pass theough the window when it's her time.

I love the story of how Tens - her protector for life finds her - he seems like the perfect guy :) \

This is really a great book - It's a 305 page book - but the reading goes by really fast - well if you're like me and can't put the book down once you pick it up :)

I laughed - (Tens has a really cute sense of humor) and I cried (I KNEW she was going to die but it still breaks my heart)

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Wings by Aprilynne Pike

Read in May 2010

Wings (Wings, #1)Wings by Aprilynne Pike

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What to say about Wings?

Samantha and I really enjoyed this book -

It has a really slow start, but I really enjoyed it in the end too. I tend to really like books that take a known concept (like faeries) and twist it a bit, so I was totally into the whole faerie = plant plot line. I liked the set up between Tamani and David and I'm interested to see where that goes in Spells. I'll be honest and say I'm not sure how I like the whole connection to Avalon yet. I'll reserve a final decision on that point until after Spells when I can see how it plays out. Overall though I really liked it.

I gave it 3 stars because it was more for my daugther then for me - She wanted to read it and I had to make sure it was approperate for her. I bought her spells too :)

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The Loney Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg

Read May 2010

The Lonely Hearts ClubThe Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a GREAT book!

I gave it to my daughter to read after I finished it -She really liked it too!

Penny is sick of boys and sick of dating. So she vows: no more. It's a personal choice. . .and, of course, soon everyone wants to know about it. And a few other girls are inspired. A movement is born: The Lonely Hearts Club (named after the band from Sgt. Pepper). Penny is suddenly known for her nondating ways . . . which is too bad, because there's this certain boy she can't help but like.

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I Heart you, You Haunt Me by Lisa Schroeder

Read Aug 2010

I Heart You, You Haunt MeI Heart You, You Haunt Me by Lisa Schroeder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was another book from the book of the month club - Even though it was from the same author as Chsing Brooklyn - It was a total knock off :) It was a good story though -

Ava can't see him or touch him, unless she's dreaming. She can't hear hisvoice, except for the faint whispers in her mind. Most would think she'scrazy, but she knows he's here.

Jackson. The boy Ava thought she'd spend the rest of her life with. He's back from the dead, as proof that love truly knows no bounds.

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Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder

Chasing Brooklyn Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this book for a book of the month club - it was REALLY SAD - but it was really good too

Brooklyn can't sleep. Her boyfriend, Lucca, died only a year ago, and now her friend Gabe has just died of an overdose. Every time she closes her eyes, Gabe's ghost is there waiting for her. She has no idea what he wants or why it isn't Lucca visiting her dreams.

Nico can't stop. He's always running, trying to escape the pain of losing his brother, Lucca. But when Lucca's ghost begins leaving messages, telling Nico to help Brooklyn, emotions come crashing to the surface.

As the nightmares escalate and the messages become relentless, Nico reaches out to Brooklyn. But neither of them can admit that they're being haunted. Until they learn to let each other in, not one soul will be able to rest

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Revealers by Amanda Marrone

I'm going to update my books from before I started this blog - this was read in Oct 2010

RevealersRevealers by Amanda Marrone

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a pretty cute book - My favorite thing was the "pet Ghost Balls" :) Jules's mom was a glass blower and made Crystal balls - They found a way to trap ghosts inside the balls and keep them. They usually don't hunt ghosts because they don't hurt people. just annoy them. So what's the problem with capturing them and putting them out on the coffee table? They make cool haunting sounds :)

About the book - Jules has a rebellious streak, a massive crush on Connor, and the abilities of a Revealer witch. By day, she and her coven friends seem like typical high school seniors. By night, they have the power to make werewolves, vampires, and ghosts reveal themselves, so they can destroy them. It's not exactly cheerleading, but at least the girls know they're doing the world some good.

One by one, Jules's friends turn eighteen and are initiated into the coven's inner circle. And one by one, they are getting completely freaked out. Jules is the youngest, and though her friends are too scared tell her what's going on, something's clearly not right. As her birthday approaches, Jules realizes she's got to find out what's behind the shadows of her coven before it's too late to save her friends...and herself. But what she discovers may be too powerful for even the toughest witches to defeat.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wicked Enchantment - by Anya Bast

Wicked Enchantment (Dark Magick, #1)Wicked Enchantment by Anya Bast

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

WOW ok - this book - humm Ok I really liked the story line :) I'm not a big Fae fan - but these were more "people" then most Fae books - which is what I liked -

The story line was pretty packed with a LOT of sex - rather thinking or doing - not that it's a bad thing - but it was a little TOO MUCH for my liking in a book - I try to skim over the really heavy parts and I did miss a lot of the story line by trying to skim through it -
 I understand Gabrial is part Incubus - which pretty much is why it is so much - but in my opinion - it made it feel like their whole relationship that was growing was more physical then emotional - Sure they had their moments where they danced - and talked and learned more about her hidden tallent - but they were doing a lot of "thinking" during those conversations :)

I did really like the story line - But if they take SOME of the sex (or lustful glances) out of the story I think it could have been better - but that's just because I try not to read heavy of romance novals... I didn't know this book was even a romance noval when I first got it - BUT this one was pretty good . I wont be reading the second book though - but I'd recommend it to anyone who DOES like strong Paranormal Romances :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Grave Witch by Kalayna Price

Grave Witch (Alex Craft, #1)Grave Witch by Kalayna Price

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can't believe I have to wait until July for the next book! AHH!

This book was AWESOME! Scared the crap out of me in a few places in the begining - but now I can't imangine the book without Death or Roy popping up all over the place :)

This book had everything - the spooks - the different worlds - I've never been big on the Fae people - but they did keep true to some of their traditions - never thank and fae - never say sorry - the never ending dance :) I always thought there was a Never Drink with a fae too - but I guess that one was changed a little.
Then there was Fred - the gargoyle pet - I really love gargoyles :) and I want one too!

The end was a little predictable with WHOM the last victim would be - but it worked - I wasn't expecting the "Shadow Girl" part though. Seemed like it was hard killing off the bad guy too -

The ending made me laugh - she got back at her dad and still go what she deserved :) So that was good. I hope the next book has more and more of Falin in it - he seems to really be good for her. But then again ... she's known Death since she was 5 ... Next book is going to be great though. I seriously can't wait :)

The book ...
As a private investigator and consultant for the police, Alex Craft has seen a lot of dark magic. But even though she’s on good terms with Death himself—who happens to look fantastic in a pair of jeans—nothing has prepared her for her latest case. Alex is investigating a high profile murder when she’s attacked by the ‘shade’ she’s raising, which should be impossible. To top off her day, someone makes a serious attempt on her life, but Death saves her. Guess he likes having her around…

To solve this case Alex will have to team up with tough homicide detective Falin Andrews. Falin seems to be hiding something—though it’s certainly not his dislike of Alex—but Alex knows she needs his help to navigate the tangled webs of mortal and paranormal politics, and to track down a killer wielding a magic so malevolent, it may cost Alex her life…and her soul.

Awakened by PC Crast

Read Jan 12, 2011

Stayed up late to finish this book - I liked it - it was cute . I'll always be "team stark" :)
There were a few things that I am a little not happy about though -
first - the book is supose to be Young Adult - ok they're 17 years old - but still in high school right??
This whole book is about sex and killing people - invading minds and emotions - and swearing with bumpkin anologies :) what's so different then more then half the adult books I read? Not that it wasn't well written out - I mean details were scarce but it was still pretty hot :)
Also about Jack - I don't want to put spoilers on here - but was it really necessary??
And then Linda too??
Ok well that's about all that I wasn't happy with :)

I do love this series - I am happy to see Heath playing a part in this book and it will be interesting to see how he plays his new role in the next book coming out in November.
All and all I did like this book  and the series :)

About Awakening
At the start of Awakened, the pulse-pounding eighth installment of the bestselling House of Night series, Zoey has returned, mostly whole, from the Otherworld to her rightful place as High Priestess at the House of Night. Her friends are just glad to have her back, but after losing her human consort, Heath, will Zoey—or her relationship with her super- hot Warrior, Stark—ever be the same? Stevie Rae is drawn even closer to Rephaim, the Raven Mocker with whom she shares a mysterious and powerful Imprint, but he is a dangerous secret that isolates her from her school, her red fledglings, and even her best friends. When the dark threat of Neferet—who is coming closer and closer to achieving her twisted goal of immortality—and Kalona returns, what will it take to keep the House of Night from being lost forever, and what will one desperate girl do to keep her heart from being irreparably broken?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

200 Books In A Year Reading Challenge 2011!

200 Books In A Year Reading Challenge 2011!

100 Books Challenge


I am joinging Book Cick City in her Reading 100 books in 2011 - if you'd like to pick up the challange - click on the button and go to her website for the rules and sign ups :)

edited April 10,2011 - I am upping my challange to 200 books this year since I am already over my halfway mark and it's not even May yet - wish me luck!
I'll keep this editing this post with each book I complete :)

So far in 2011 I have read ...
  1. Bandits

  2. Initiation: The Warrior Book 1
    AWESOME book for my half way mark! 
  3. Abithica

  4. Being

  5. Dirty Blood

  6. Hotblood (House of Slide)

  7. Dead Rules

  8. The Geek Job

  9. Private Games (*blush* no review for this one)

One Foot in the Grave (Night Huntress, #2)
Going to have to make a new post from 100 on - For some reason it wont save my updates anymore