Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wake - Fade - Gone - 3 books by Lisa McMann

I read this in May 2010

I did like this series a lot :)

In the first book, Wake, 17-year-old Janie, becomes a part of someone else's nightmare. Trouble continues to brew for Janie and her friend, Cabel, as she finds, through her dreams, that there is a drug problem at school. She uses her powers to reveal who is providing drugs to the kids.

In the book, Fade, Janie continues to go into individual's dreams and uncovers the use of a rape drug.

In this second book, she realizes the price for having these powers. She discoveresshe will become blind and her hands will cripple, but fortunately, her friend, Cabel, is wiith her through this scary journey.

She matures through the triology as she learns how to control her powers. She finds that as she goes into dreams, she can pause, reset, and rewind

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