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Ghost Town by Rachel Caine

Ghost Town (Morganville Vampires, Book 9)Ghost Town by Rachel Caine

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think my book is missing the last few pages! YIKES! What a great book - even the ending was awesome - leaves warm fuzzies for the next book (which is out now - and I'm falling behind!)

This is the 9th book of the Morganville Vampires – I have loved this series from book one, and it just gets better and better!

We are back with our favorite Friends from Morganville - Claire and Shane are as in love as ever - and Eve and Michael are too - In this book - Claire spends a lot of time working with Myrnin , so her time alone with Shane is precious and few -

The book starts out with everyone happy and excited to be together - nothing spooky is happening, so everyone is relaxing and enjoying themselves (well as much as can be expected :)

When Claire goes back to work with Myrnin, they are still at a standstill with the new machine that is to replace Ada - the one that runs Morganville. They work hard, and start to understand things - but right now, Myrnin says the only thing that will make it work is to use a human brain - Claire's brain is the one he wants to use .. but of course - Claire isn't all too excited about that idea :)

When she gets home - she runs into Shane - they decide to go out on date - So there they are , at a drive inn movie (yeah, they're still happily in love :) when Eve calls them screaming! Vampires are attacking the Rave she is at with her friend , and everyone is getting hurt or dying!

SO leaving the Drive Inn early to head out to help Eve - Shane and Claire arrive at the Rave and total Chaos is going on. They jump in to try to stop the Vampires that have Eve and a few other humans cornered, and Claire ends up killing one. Go Claire!

Then Amelie comes in and puts a stop to everything - The law in Morganville says - if you Kill a vampire - your sentence is death ... da da dummmmmmm - So Headed to the Funders circle for trial -

*Slight Spoiler - but nothing you probably wouldn't figure out anyways*

Claire isn’t' sentenced to death since the killing was self-defense, but she didn't get off without conditions -

*Spoiler finished*

WOW! So that's where the story starts to pick up and the excitement begins - Once Claire and Myrnin get the machine to finally work - Myrnin keeps working on it and things start to go wrong in Morganville -

This book is a fast read - lots of excitement and very cleverly written. It was something that a regular person would never thing would happen to them - but when it does - wow!

Claire got her heart broken many times - and my heart broke right along with her. In fact, my husband came up behind me while I was reading, tilted my head back, wiped my tears away and closed my book. it wasn't the best place in the book to call it a night, but it was sweet that he was thinking of me :)

I loved it though - And the ending battle was well worth the heartache too -

Great book - I'm checking the store tomorrow for the next book :) Bite Club I think is what it's called :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Dragon Saga - by J.F. Jenkins

The Dragons Saga: Legend of the Oceina DragonThe Dragons Saga: Legend of the Oceina Dragon by J.F. Jenkins

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sure does leave room for another book :)
looked around all over - I'm not sure if there will be a next one :(

When I first saw this cover I wasn't expecting a YA book :) But it was - but that's ok - because it was a really good story.

Tia was chosen to be a human sacrifice for the Dragon Lord who protected all the people on her small island where she lived with her mom.

Tia didn't want to be sacrificed - but she knew that the people were depending on her.

Darien Ocina - the 7th son of the Dragon Lord himself was soon to turn 18 years old and become a man - in this big event, he has chosen Tia to be his wife - while the town (and herself) thinks she will be sacrificed - to be eaten by the dragon, the real truth comes out when he turns himself from a dragon into a human and sweeps her off to his home where they will be husband and wife for many many MANY years.

When Tia discovered she wasn't going to be eaten, but to become a wife who will breed his children, she didn't take kindly to Darien's advances. True Darien had been falling Tia since she was a child, and had fallen in love with her over the many years until they both were of age - She didn't feel the same

The book was pretty good - it was a little fast paced though . Seemed a little choppy. One event talked about something that was going to happen, next chapter, now that it's happened, it's time for the next thing - we didn't get a lot of details. I would have liked to have known more about the attack from the Inero dragons - I would have liked to have known a little more about the "meetings" that took place, maybe learn a little more about the dragon Politics that Darien is now facing -

The love story was really sweet - I love reading about how Tia slowly started to have feelings for Darien even though she tried hard not to. She couldn't tell him she loved him because she afraid.

The way Darien loved Tia was really something else. I wish there were real guys out there that loved like that outside of a book :) He is really kind, and sensitive, and really seems to genuinely care about Tia more than anything else in his life.

Darien has a lot to deal with outside of trying to get Tia to feel comfortable around him. And I can imagine the next book is going to be a LOT harder - especially with the heiarpeiahgeraoih (yes I typed that the right way, I'm not going to give away anything in this review) coming up :)

I'm sure the story will get better and better as the next books progress - I'm looking forward to seeing more the the dragon Lord and his family - because that's the ONE THING that matters the most to the Oceina's :)

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Dead Rules by Randy Russell

Dead RulesDead Rules by Randy Russell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was fortunate to recieve an ARC copy of this book - I will post my review as soon as I get the Go Ahead for it :)

Check out  ♫♥ LivLifeReviews ♥♫     for her review on this book!

The review for this book was made possible by ♫♥ LivLifeReviews ♥♫    Thanks for the chance to read this Awesome book

I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies #1)I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was going to write the review after I finished the movie last night , but I was interrupted by a science final (my son’s) and didn't get to finish it :(

BUT I did finish the book :) And it was great! It had a lot of action and adventure in it.

The book is about 15 year old John Smith - one of the 9 kids who escaped from the planet Lorien

John Smith (who started out as Daniel) has been on the run since he was 4 years old. The Mogadorians invaded his planet and wiped everything out. Including the Trees, the Grass, the Water - NOTHING lives on L anymore.

But 9 children and their Cepan (guardians) were fortunate enough to get off the planet before everything was killed.

These 9 children are responsible for keeping their race alive. What's special about these 9 children? They have Legacies - Special "gifts" that they inherent from their parents. And they Cepan's are in charge to make sure they are safe from the Mogadorians and teach them how to use their "Gifts" when they come to them.

The Mogadorians - followed these Children to the planet Earth, where they are separated and trying to blend in - The Mogadorians are trying to kill them off one by one. But there is a special spell that was put on the children so they are all connected. The M can only kill the Lorien children
in a specific order - or else they can't be killed at all.

The book starts off as the first 3 Children die - Daniel (John) gets a burning mark on his leg every time one dies - and he knows he is next.. he is... "Number four"

It's time to move again - Henri (his Cepan ) is there to protect him, and to make sure he has everything he needs -new ID, new Name , new Home, New everything - and everything else they left behind is burned away.

They move to Paradise Ohio - where he becomes John Smith.

John is tired of being on the run, tired of blending in, not playing sports, not making friends, not having a life a typical teenager should have -

Once in Paradise, he starts school, and people start to notice him.. He meets a girl .. makes a friend, and he almost gets into a fight - the first of his Legacies (Gifts) come to him, and it's something everyone would notice if he hadn't run off – he defiantly made a first impression at school

The book has a lot of ups and downs - I cry easily when I read - and this book was no different (not a bad thing)

It left a lot up to your imagination - the description of the characters were great (and the movie seemed to do a good job getting it to look scary, but not TOO scary :)

Great book - looking forward to finishing up the movie tonight :)

(2 days later) I finally got to finish the movie - They Changed a lot of the book for the movie - but even my husband said it was better then he thought it would be :) I really enjoyed it though - There is no way Alex Pettifier could pass for a 15 year old boy - so in the movie they're older - still in high school though. I loved the look of the Mogadorians - and the dog! I LOVE THAT DOG :)
Great movie - I'll watch it again tomorrow night with my son :) Maybe i can get him to read the book :)

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments, #4)City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I would have been ok if I stopped reading with Simon and Luke talking - but NOOO I had to see "Jace's" name and keep reading – Then BAM! ! Talk about setting up the next book! WOW! I will advise my daughter (who still isn't finished :) to stop a few pages before the end - or else she'll be freaking out the whole time :)

LOVE this book! Lots of great Clary and Jace scenes - I loved all the Simon in it too - the book is mostly told from Clary and Simon -

A little ways into the book - we met up with Camilla (the one and same from clockwork Angel) and she meets witH Simon to try to get on his good graces - Everyone wants to be with the daylighter :) Everyone except the shadowhunters - at least that's what Simon feels like. Sure he and Clary are great friends, she sees him almost every day and life is great being her friend - but she's with Jace, and she has to train.

Camilla puts it into Simons head that the only way he's going to be happy is to be with other Vampires - Simon starts to see things in a negative way. You know how life always has 2 ways of seeing things -

Sure Simon helped out a lot - and when the Shadowhunters jump in to clean up the mess, he gets ignored, no one even looks in his direction - but he still knows that he's doing good deeds - because Simon is a good guy - he doesn't believe in hurting other people, no matter who they are.

Jace and Clary are doing good - their together and happy - well as happy as any 2 teenagers can be with an over protective mom that won’t let Clary spend more than 5 mins with Jace unless they're training -

BUT things start to go wrong - Jace starts to act weird - his dreams start to haunt him, he doesn't sleep anymore, he doesn't feel like eating - he's pushing Clary away ... and yet - he can't seem to bare it to be away from her for too long

Magnus and Alec are happy - until Camilla shows up - then Jealousy picks up and Alec doesn't know what to do with Magnus anymore. Poor Magnus :(

Then there is the whole Simon and Maia and Isabelle thing to work though. None of the girls have talked about commitment, and so Simon thinks he's ok dating both of them. He doesn't want to hurt them, and he cares for them both .. what's the problem??

We have our ups and downs in this book - lots of great sarcasm and great come backs - love the witty sense of Humor in here.

Looking forward to next book :)

One of my many Favorite quotes :)

Jace's eyebrows went up. "Hotter that me?"
  "it could happen," Clary said. "you know, theoretically." 
  "Theoretically the planet could suddenly crack in half, leaving me on one side and you on the other side, forever and tragically parted, but I'm not worried about that, either. Some things," Jace said, with his customary crooked smile, "are just too unlikely to dwell upon."

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Clockwork Angel by Cassandra clare

Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1)Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Cassandra Clare is a well known Author in my house –

My daughter is a HUGE Fan of TMI – I don’t mean just a fan – my daughter (age 12) has read each book 5 or 6 times – Then started a book club and passed by books around to her friends so she could talk about them :)

Also, TMI’s is one of the first set of books I read right after my “twilight” phase – and I really enjoyed these books – TWICE!

So when we found out about Cassandra Clare’s NEWEST book – Clockwrok Angel – The Infernal Devices – we were ALL set for the release date to get here - While my daughter has read it over and over again, I'm wondering why it took me so long to read it!

There is defiantly a difference between my daughter’s POV and mine with reading – Oh sure I loved this book – maybe not as obsessed with it as she is, (She has read this book 4 times already – this was my first time, and I will probably skim over it again when the next of the Infernal Devices comes out -)
What I don’t understand is HOW does she not shed a single tear while reading!?!? She made FUN of me! Ugh! Is there no compassion for a mother who cries over a 17 year old boy’s “Loss of everything” ???

Ok that said – let’s get to the book review –

This was a LOT like the Mortal Instruments books – all of them - I saw a LOT of similarities between Will and Jace, and Tessa and Clary , even a little between Isobel and Jasmine , but Simon and Jem? Nope they’re definatly their own characters -

This book had a lot of history background – like maybe it was meant to explain the TMI background history – BUT Then again there was a lot of things in this book that you wouldn’t have really understood if you didn’t know anything about TMI – we all know what a Shadow hunter is – and the book does explain it… somewhat – but TMI goes into far more details about what the Shadow hunter really is. But Clockwork Angels tells you where Shadow hunters Come from - The whole Nephilim and half demon and Humans mixing it up.

SO with that said – this book was pretty good – it had its own originality to it – The clockwork Angel – It was different – I was trying to read it like I was back in the 1800’s – with the horse and carriages, and the big fluffy dresses the women wore – the servants and the way they talked – It was interesting to learn about how they made their new “not demon, nor God’s” Army . It was all new to them.

The book started out with Will and Jem chasing after a Demon in the alley of London. Will was really excited about killing it so quickly :) But when he turned around, Jem was gone. Looking around for him, he finally found him in a hole deep inside the alley. After looking carefully – he found a girl, a Dead Mundane girl.

Next we arrive at the docks in England , where Tessa walks off the steam ship and looks for her brother Nate – She misses him dearly. And now that their Aunt has passed on, he is all she has left in the world.

2 strange women meet Tessa at the docks with a note from Nate saying that he trusts these women, and to go with them. So she does.

6 weeks later she is still being held against her will at the Dark Sister’s home, and has not seen nor heard from her brother. She learns she has a new talent – and it took her a LONG time, the whole 6 weeks of being held by the warlocks to perfect her new talent (not gonna tell ya :P)

Just when the Dark Sisters thought Tessa was ready, and the time was right to call the Magister …. In comes this strange boy into her room to rescue her. In attempts to rescue her, Tessa gets hit with a bolt of Magic that tosses her across the room and slams her on the stone wall until she crumbles to the floor unconscious.

She wakes up in a strange room with a strange mysterious death creature looking at her (one of the Silent Brothers) and she screams and screams and screams!

That's where we meet Charlotte – the leader of the London’s Shadow Hunter’s Institute. And she is very caring and compassionate, and coaxes Tessa down from her fears and let’s the silent brother help heal her – He got a good look inside her mind and could tell she is not quite human – and yet, nothing like he’s ever seen before –

So what is Tessa?? Is she a Shadow Hunter? A Warlock? A Demon? A Mundan?? Well we don’t really find out – and we probably wont until the 3rd of 4th book, but still :) It’s fun trying to guess, and then halfway through the book, you realize you’re wrong, so make another guess – and yup, wrong again :0

The mystery of what she is, is strong and hopefully wont keep you up at night wondering :)

The relationship between Tessa, and Jem and Will – now that’s complicated and fun.

Will is a very strong headed – stubborn kid (17 year old, and the Clave wont recognize him otherwise until he’s 18 :) ) But Will has trouble taking anything seriously – that is anything BUT Jem – Now one would think Will and Jem were more then best friends – more then brother’s – but that’s all it is – Will loves Jem like a Brother, and jem loves Will like a brother. They are very close and look out for eachother. It’s very sweet the way Will looks after his best friend –

But Tessa can’t understand why that compassion that Will has towards Jem, can’t work with anyone else. She tries hard to break through the wall that Will has placed in front of himself – and just as she thinks he is going to open up to her and be her friend – he goes and ruins it by saying the WRONG THING - more then a few times.

I felt for her – she truly cares for Will and Jem , and you can see Will starting to care for Tessa – but he is forcing himself NOT to care about her – NOT to let her care for him – NOT to let her get too close. Why?? We don't know the whole story yet - but I would really love to get inside his head - especially towards the end.. It breaks my heart.

Jem is a great guy – he is sick though – but there is something about him that really makes you care for the guy. He doesn’t get mad – he doesn’t say hurtful things, he is Will’s complete opposite!

The main characters are great in this book – Charlotte and Henry – Henry is hilarious – yet very strange :) Then Jasmine – she is very selfish and doesn’t want anything to do with being a Shadow Hunter. She has a hard time becoming friends with anyone who wants anything to do with them. Sophie – she is a feisty Mortal servant who becomes a friend to Tessa, and yet, not quite a friend because of her feelings towards Will (she loathes him) Then there is Thomas – the trusting Mundan that has been with them since he was a child. He is now a very loyal servant – as well as the Agatha (she won over Will's heart with her cooking :)

Now that we met all the fun loving guys – let’s just say that this book was great  Defiantly worth the 5 stars :)

Looking forward to the next Infernal Device’s book :)

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Hotblood by Juliann Whicker

Hotblood (House of Slide)Hotblood by Juliann Whicker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Be careful who you kiss - they could steal your soul !


I seriously didn't want this book to end - WOW!

This book is beyond what I thought it would be - I was so confused in the Prologue - First of all I didn't know who was telling the story - Girls POV or Guys POV -

In the beginning – we hear from Lewis - you are being taken to a cemetery with an old man. He won’t tell who died, or anything about it - but Lewis goes anyways.

While at the funeral, it starts to rain. He sees someone - a girl maybe - being shielded by some over grown men and a large unbrella. But something draws him to this person that he cannot see and we start to feel his frustration.

The rain picks up and the lightning strikes the grave to seal the plot - and everyone begins to run towards their cars.

Lewis struggles to see this person shielded by these men - but these men are making it impossible to see her.

FINALLY just as they are about to get into the car, she staggers from in-between the men and looks back at the grave. He looks at her with his "sight" and sees she has No Soul... but how is that possible? Without a soul, you die, and yet ... here is this girl, about 17 years old. Underweight, shallow eyes, pale skin, and no soul...

He starts to stalk her. This unexplainable pull he has towards her.

One night, she sneaks out of her house - just the need to get away. He follows her through the woods. It's dark and there are things lurking in the woods that could harm her.

She makes it to the edge of the river and sits down. Casually he strides up next to her and they talk for a few mins.

He can hear the storm coming - so they get up to leave. She grabs hold of his hand and doesn't let go – He is warm, and she hasn’t been warm in years.

She pulls herself closer to him. He leans over and their lips meet -

Well that was some really Soul Shattering Kiss they had, because after that one kiss (her first kiss actually :) Everything changes.

Chapter ONE – the rest of the book is told from Dariana (I love her name!) POV -

We go through the whole change with Dari - From a cold fragile girl who has had no soul since she was 6 years old, Finally comes back to life.

She goes to stay with her dad, who teaches her (and us) the difference between the Hotbloods, Wilds , Cools , and (I FORGOT the name!!!) BUT that one wasn't as important :) We also learn about the Nether - which is a combination of all 4 powers.

She learns to hunt to kill her bloodlust – she learns to divert her anger and frustration and emotions into other obstacles so she doesn’t feel the need to kill

She goes through her summer vacation pretty fast with her dad. She doesn't ask a lot of questions - and he only tells her what she needs to know...

Once she goes back to her mother's house, and back to school, the story really picks up.

I really love the chase that goes on in the story - It's hard to come into these new feelings, and not know how the other person is feeling. No matter what the signs are. Especially with someone you don't know.

That's how Highschool really is - That's how Real life really is, too :)

I enjoyed reading this book a lot - it was very emotional at the end. I wasn't happy that Juliann Whicker stopped writing after only 300+ pages :) She could have written another 300 and I would have been ok with that :)

BUT I am happy to have read the first chapter of the next book :) It doesn't give anything away - and you're still left wondering "WHAT HAPPENS NOW??" feeling (if not a little more * wink * )

But at least I got a few extra pages to read with my new favorite Characters - Dariana , Her best friend Snowy, Osmand, Smoke and Ash, too :)

These are some great friends to have :)

Great book! I'm glad I got the chance to read it :)

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Ladybut Purse/Card - reading update

The picture is snagged from Dawn's Stampin' Thoughts 
She has a cute video tutorial on how she made it too -

Wanted to show you what I made for Teacher Appreaciation week and mother's day :)
For the Teachers - I put a couple of their favorite candy bars inside the bag - and had my kids write a little something inside the cards.
For mother's day - Maybe I'll do the same, or maybe I'll see if I can find a flower that's small enough to fit in there. Or a neckalce or earings or something small?
I'll think of something :)
BUT I made  8 of them, and they turned out pretty cute :)

 Every day this week is a different thing for teachers -
soI'll be making flower bookmarks this afternoon for the teachers in their favorite colors -
Then tomorrow we'll make "Thank You" cards for each of the teachers for Friday -
 Maybe I'll post pictures :)

I'm still reading Pale Demon - by Kim Harrison - I love this book, but it's an E-book and I have to keep fighting with my kids to get off the computer when they get home from school, during the day I'm with 2 toddlers - so my online reading time is limited - which is why it's taking so long to read this book.

Good news though - My husband told me to order the Kindle for Mother's day ! It will be here on Friday - but I wont get to open it until Sunday :( BUT at least it will help me read online books and regular books a lot faster :) YEAH!
I also got a $15 amazon card to go with it - WOW! I'm going to be busy next week :)

I should be finished with Pale Demon ... hopefully by Friday or Saturday :)

Happy Wednesday everyone!

♥ Jen ♥