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Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey

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OMGosh! This BOOK! I ran out and bought this - I LOVE it!

Seriously! if you thought Edward was romantic and nobel - you have GOT to meet Lucius Vladescus from Romania - Ok this story isn't exactly like Twilight - more like.... new moon in a sence.

He meets her at the start of her senior year - and she finds out that she is a princess and has been arranged since she was a year old to be married to Lucius. Her parents (Vampires) gave her to the American humans to raise when they found out they were to be distoryed in a kind of cilval war against vampires -

Well she grew up knowing nothing about this - so when Lucius shows up at her high school... what's she to think? Her mom recognizes him at once and takes her home to explain to her about the arrangment.

Her real name is Antanasia Dragomirs (funny thing because Lisa Dragomir is the LAST Vampire Roality in the Vampire Academy books) But Antanasia Dragomir is THE last Vampire Princess and has to marry Lucius before war breaks out.

Well they have a few months before she turns 18 - and she doesn't believe in Vampires...

He tries to "court" her but she is a stuborn girl. She doesn't want antying to do with him and his so called vampireism -

But something happens, he gets hurt - and she starts to wonder why she cares - then ...what's her name.. Faith comes along (the popular cheerleader who has to have the "hot guy" - ugh ) and he turns his head. He decides he doesn't want to marry Jessica anymore - he wans to rebel against his Romania ways because he's never had a life outside the castle before.

SO off he goes to play with his new toy :) Jessica gets pretty annoyed because she realizes that she has feelings for him - and he doesn't seem to care.

SOO what happens when his Royal family comes to the USA to find out why he's with another american girl instead of the one that he's supose to marry to stop the war in Romania??

I don't want to ruin the whole book - but lets just say - I'm so freakin' in love with this book :) I laughed, I cried - WOW I cried - I think I might have cried more then when I read New Moon - all 12 times! it rips your heart out and has you feeling everything she feels. And his letters to his Uncle clues you in on how he feels - and... it's just a great book :)

I'm excited to read it again.... some day :)

Ok it's got a LOT of knock offs

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