Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ladybut Purse/Card - reading update

The picture is snagged from Dawn's Stampin' Thoughts 
She has a cute video tutorial on how she made it too -

Wanted to show you what I made for Teacher Appreaciation week and mother's day :)
For the Teachers - I put a couple of their favorite candy bars inside the bag - and had my kids write a little something inside the cards.
For mother's day - Maybe I'll do the same, or maybe I'll see if I can find a flower that's small enough to fit in there. Or a neckalce or earings or something small?
I'll think of something :)
BUT I made  8 of them, and they turned out pretty cute :)

 Every day this week is a different thing for teachers -
soI'll be making flower bookmarks this afternoon for the teachers in their favorite colors -
Then tomorrow we'll make "Thank You" cards for each of the teachers for Friday -
 Maybe I'll post pictures :)

I'm still reading Pale Demon - by Kim Harrison - I love this book, but it's an E-book and I have to keep fighting with my kids to get off the computer when they get home from school, during the day I'm with 2 toddlers - so my online reading time is limited - which is why it's taking so long to read this book.

Good news though - My husband told me to order the Kindle for Mother's day ! It will be here on Friday - but I wont get to open it until Sunday :( BUT at least it will help me read online books and regular books a lot faster :) YEAH!
I also got a $15 amazon card to go with it - WOW! I'm going to be busy next week :)

I should be finished with Pale Demon ... hopefully by Friday or Saturday :)

Happy Wednesday everyone!

♥ Jen ♥


  1. Hi Jen,,, My name is Jennifer and I just recently picked up the habit of reading 99% paranormal and urban fantasy romance,,,My 14 year old got me started with "Evermore" by Alyson Noel "The Immortal Series" coarse I have ventured on to more adult and I have become one of your followers and I like your blog very much,,,Im still trying to get my groove,,but I have learned in the last few days,,that if search and do these things called memes...your blog gets out there,,,Im not really much on reviews,,Im still trying to find my groove on that one,but anyway,,im just rambling..I just wanted to let you know I visited and thanks for sharing..

  2. Oh goody, you're getting a Kindle! I've been threatening to get one myself, but I'm too attached to my books. I'd love to hear your thoughts after you've used it for awhile.

  3. Hey Jennifer -thanks for following me :) I'm glad you like my blog - I can relate to evermore - The first three books were Awesome! The 4th was ok, and I bought but haven't read the 5th yet - I think there is one more coming out soon :)
    My neighbor got me hooked on the Fantasy Romance YA books too - I started off with The Mortal Instruments - the Dark Divine, and went on from there. I just started getting into the Adult section this last year. I'm trying to avoid the HEAVY Romance books, but when someone recommends something to me, I at least want to try it out :)

    I'll stop by and visit your blog soon :) I'd like to see it :)
    Thanks again!

  4. Hey Susan :) I'm SO excited to get my Kindle - It came in the mail, but my husband said if i touch it, he'll return it - so I can't even look at it yet :(

    I'm SO excited about it though- My husband has his own laptop, and my kids and I share a computer - My oldest (14) usually finds a way to get himself grounded from the computer, but my daughter (12) is obsessed with Facebook and all her friends are too. She is Always kicking me off the computer and spending hours on it when I'm trying to read my e-books - So I've begged and begged and begged for a Kindle - and My husband finally let me get it :) YEAH! So I'm excited to not have to fight to read - and be comfortable while reading too!

    I'll let you know how it goes though :)