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Hotblood by Juliann Whicker

Hotblood (House of Slide)Hotblood by Juliann Whicker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Be careful who you kiss - they could steal your soul !


I seriously didn't want this book to end - WOW!

This book is beyond what I thought it would be - I was so confused in the Prologue - First of all I didn't know who was telling the story - Girls POV or Guys POV -

In the beginning – we hear from Lewis - you are being taken to a cemetery with an old man. He won’t tell who died, or anything about it - but Lewis goes anyways.

While at the funeral, it starts to rain. He sees someone - a girl maybe - being shielded by some over grown men and a large unbrella. But something draws him to this person that he cannot see and we start to feel his frustration.

The rain picks up and the lightning strikes the grave to seal the plot - and everyone begins to run towards their cars.

Lewis struggles to see this person shielded by these men - but these men are making it impossible to see her.

FINALLY just as they are about to get into the car, she staggers from in-between the men and looks back at the grave. He looks at her with his "sight" and sees she has No Soul... but how is that possible? Without a soul, you die, and yet ... here is this girl, about 17 years old. Underweight, shallow eyes, pale skin, and no soul...

He starts to stalk her. This unexplainable pull he has towards her.

One night, she sneaks out of her house - just the need to get away. He follows her through the woods. It's dark and there are things lurking in the woods that could harm her.

She makes it to the edge of the river and sits down. Casually he strides up next to her and they talk for a few mins.

He can hear the storm coming - so they get up to leave. She grabs hold of his hand and doesn't let go – He is warm, and she hasn’t been warm in years.

She pulls herself closer to him. He leans over and their lips meet -

Well that was some really Soul Shattering Kiss they had, because after that one kiss (her first kiss actually :) Everything changes.

Chapter ONE – the rest of the book is told from Dariana (I love her name!) POV -

We go through the whole change with Dari - From a cold fragile girl who has had no soul since she was 6 years old, Finally comes back to life.

She goes to stay with her dad, who teaches her (and us) the difference between the Hotbloods, Wilds , Cools , and (I FORGOT the name!!!) BUT that one wasn't as important :) We also learn about the Nether - which is a combination of all 4 powers.

She learns to hunt to kill her bloodlust – she learns to divert her anger and frustration and emotions into other obstacles so she doesn’t feel the need to kill

She goes through her summer vacation pretty fast with her dad. She doesn't ask a lot of questions - and he only tells her what she needs to know...

Once she goes back to her mother's house, and back to school, the story really picks up.

I really love the chase that goes on in the story - It's hard to come into these new feelings, and not know how the other person is feeling. No matter what the signs are. Especially with someone you don't know.

That's how Highschool really is - That's how Real life really is, too :)

I enjoyed reading this book a lot - it was very emotional at the end. I wasn't happy that Juliann Whicker stopped writing after only 300+ pages :) She could have written another 300 and I would have been ok with that :)

BUT I am happy to have read the first chapter of the next book :) It doesn't give anything away - and you're still left wondering "WHAT HAPPENS NOW??" feeling (if not a little more * wink * )

But at least I got a few extra pages to read with my new favorite Characters - Dariana , Her best friend Snowy, Osmand, Smoke and Ash, too :)

These are some great friends to have :)

Great book! I'm glad I got the chance to read it :)

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