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I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies #1)I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

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I was going to write the review after I finished the movie last night , but I was interrupted by a science final (my son’s) and didn't get to finish it :(

BUT I did finish the book :) And it was great! It had a lot of action and adventure in it.

The book is about 15 year old John Smith - one of the 9 kids who escaped from the planet Lorien

John Smith (who started out as Daniel) has been on the run since he was 4 years old. The Mogadorians invaded his planet and wiped everything out. Including the Trees, the Grass, the Water - NOTHING lives on L anymore.

But 9 children and their Cepan (guardians) were fortunate enough to get off the planet before everything was killed.

These 9 children are responsible for keeping their race alive. What's special about these 9 children? They have Legacies - Special "gifts" that they inherent from their parents. And they Cepan's are in charge to make sure they are safe from the Mogadorians and teach them how to use their "Gifts" when they come to them.

The Mogadorians - followed these Children to the planet Earth, where they are separated and trying to blend in - The Mogadorians are trying to kill them off one by one. But there is a special spell that was put on the children so they are all connected. The M can only kill the Lorien children
in a specific order - or else they can't be killed at all.

The book starts off as the first 3 Children die - Daniel (John) gets a burning mark on his leg every time one dies - and he knows he is next.. he is... "Number four"

It's time to move again - Henri (his Cepan ) is there to protect him, and to make sure he has everything he needs -new ID, new Name , new Home, New everything - and everything else they left behind is burned away.

They move to Paradise Ohio - where he becomes John Smith.

John is tired of being on the run, tired of blending in, not playing sports, not making friends, not having a life a typical teenager should have -

Once in Paradise, he starts school, and people start to notice him.. He meets a girl .. makes a friend, and he almost gets into a fight - the first of his Legacies (Gifts) come to him, and it's something everyone would notice if he hadn't run off – he defiantly made a first impression at school

The book has a lot of ups and downs - I cry easily when I read - and this book was no different (not a bad thing)

It left a lot up to your imagination - the description of the characters were great (and the movie seemed to do a good job getting it to look scary, but not TOO scary :)

Great book - looking forward to finishing up the movie tonight :)

(2 days later) I finally got to finish the movie - They Changed a lot of the book for the movie - but even my husband said it was better then he thought it would be :) I really enjoyed it though - There is no way Alex Pettifier could pass for a 15 year old boy - so in the movie they're older - still in high school though. I loved the look of the Mogadorians - and the dog! I LOVE THAT DOG :)
Great movie - I'll watch it again tomorrow night with my son :) Maybe i can get him to read the book :)

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