Monday, May 30, 2011

Ghost Town by Rachel Caine

Ghost Town (Morganville Vampires, Book 9)Ghost Town by Rachel Caine

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think my book is missing the last few pages! YIKES! What a great book - even the ending was awesome - leaves warm fuzzies for the next book (which is out now - and I'm falling behind!)

This is the 9th book of the Morganville Vampires – I have loved this series from book one, and it just gets better and better!

We are back with our favorite Friends from Morganville - Claire and Shane are as in love as ever - and Eve and Michael are too - In this book - Claire spends a lot of time working with Myrnin , so her time alone with Shane is precious and few -

The book starts out with everyone happy and excited to be together - nothing spooky is happening, so everyone is relaxing and enjoying themselves (well as much as can be expected :)

When Claire goes back to work with Myrnin, they are still at a standstill with the new machine that is to replace Ada - the one that runs Morganville. They work hard, and start to understand things - but right now, Myrnin says the only thing that will make it work is to use a human brain - Claire's brain is the one he wants to use .. but of course - Claire isn't all too excited about that idea :)

When she gets home - she runs into Shane - they decide to go out on date - So there they are , at a drive inn movie (yeah, they're still happily in love :) when Eve calls them screaming! Vampires are attacking the Rave she is at with her friend , and everyone is getting hurt or dying!

SO leaving the Drive Inn early to head out to help Eve - Shane and Claire arrive at the Rave and total Chaos is going on. They jump in to try to stop the Vampires that have Eve and a few other humans cornered, and Claire ends up killing one. Go Claire!

Then Amelie comes in and puts a stop to everything - The law in Morganville says - if you Kill a vampire - your sentence is death ... da da dummmmmmm - So Headed to the Funders circle for trial -

*Slight Spoiler - but nothing you probably wouldn't figure out anyways*

Claire isn’t' sentenced to death since the killing was self-defense, but she didn't get off without conditions -

*Spoiler finished*

WOW! So that's where the story starts to pick up and the excitement begins - Once Claire and Myrnin get the machine to finally work - Myrnin keeps working on it and things start to go wrong in Morganville -

This book is a fast read - lots of excitement and very cleverly written. It was something that a regular person would never thing would happen to them - but when it does - wow!

Claire got her heart broken many times - and my heart broke right along with her. In fact, my husband came up behind me while I was reading, tilted my head back, wiped my tears away and closed my book. it wasn't the best place in the book to call it a night, but it was sweet that he was thinking of me :)

I loved it though - And the ending battle was well worth the heartache too -

Great book - I'm checking the store tomorrow for the next book :) Bite Club I think is what it's called :)

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