Monday, April 4, 2011

Count Down to City of Fallen Angels!

My daughter is a HUGE TMI fan and has been waiting for a long time for this book to come out -

I have been following Cassandra Clare on Twitter for a couple of months now - she doesn't send in spoilers - but every once and a while she'll throw out a one liner from the book :)

She has TONS of Fan Art from other's around the Blog World posted everywhere - And she even did a Twitter Fan Interview - She had all her followers tweet questions to the characters from the books! It was so fun reading about them - Even Church (the cat) was there :)

She wrote a little tibit of the Selie Court from COB in Jace's POV -

And of course we're all anxious to hear from Alex Pettifer about his possible casting of Jace (we found out that he turned down the other movie - so his schedual IS FREE  IF he wants the roll (he better)

I'm going to see if I can get Samantha (My daughter) to write out a review for each of the books - along with COFA in a couple of days after she finishes it :) So watch out for that :)


  1. I bought this one Kindle. Love the series too!

  2. The Tuesday the book came out I told her that I had to drive in the other direction of Costco - so she would have to wait another day. My husband was sitting on the couch when she complained about having to wait - what' $3 more at Walmart for a book?
    My husband told her I could buy it online - the e-book from Amazon - She was SO MAD at him, he told her nevermind - SHE can buy the book now - HA! That's SO NOT FAIR! Because now I can't buy the book and read it even for myself! She is STILL Pouting about it, so he wont give in until she stops - Really not fair on my part *stomps foot on floor*