Monday, April 25, 2011

Being by T.R. Mousner

BeingBeing by T.R. Mousner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cute story with a lot of excitement from the first page!

EBN is a guardian of the Sky from a different planet – She is on a mission and her spaceship ends up crashing in LA California – an Alien Planet called Erox (Earth)

She tries to send a code to her planet, but it keeps bouncing back to her going un-read. She is stuck.

When she leaves the space ship, the Sents (humans) are there trying to figure out what happened (the ship has a protection that turns it invisible from human eyes)

But the Sents don’t believe she was just out and about in the same spot they saw the strange light/crash – They searched her pack and got into her food and medicine – leaving her with nothing left.

The Story is also told from (Aix) her brother’s POV – He is her younger brother and cares a lot about his sister. When he finds out at dinner from his grandfather that EBN is missing and hasn’t contacted them. He gets worried. And tries to communicate with his sister through their bond – She hears him, but she doesn’t respond. There is a lot going on between the Grandfather and Parents, and Aix wants to know what is happening, and why no one will talk to him.

Back on Erox (Earth) EBN struggles with an infected cut on her knee . it hurts, a LOT and she has trouble trying to get around. She manages to find her way to a grocery store and buys some bandages and ointment to help heal her scrapes/cuts.

She meets a handicapped little girl, and feels bad for her. She touches the girl and a miracle happens… she is no longer handicapped!

Word gets around and soon people are lined up around her trailer and she begins helping these Sents (humans) And it wears her down. She meets Shale. He seems like a great guy to have as a friend.

She sneaks off to her space ship and does what she can to fix it. She wants to go home. She doesn’t know what she is suppose to do on Erox, and she’s scared that no one will find her.

She does find some medicine to help heal her, and some food which helps her build her strength back up.

This book is an awesome Science fiction book, it has a strong message about helping out with keeping Earth clean. They also has a strong bond between brother and sister that I really love.

This is a great book for the tween/young adults. I’m going to recommend this book to both 12 year old daughter and my 14 year old son:)

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