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Abithica by Susan Goldsmith

AbithicaAbithica by Susan Goldsmith

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The book comes out June 15th, but get this ...
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To celebrate, Susan Goldsmith offering a signed giveaway on Goodreads.
Here is my review ... AHH What a great story! I REALLY REALLY Am happy I got the chance to read this book! This is totally something new to me –

Sydney is a total rebel – maybe 17 years old, she left her mom for drugs, sex and as much fun as she could get –

A couple years later – Faith (Sydney’s mom) fell in love, She contacted Sydney and asked her to join her at a restaurant to talk and try to work things out.

All of a sudden, Sydney was shoved in the back of her mind and we meet the NEW Sydney – A Parasite – An Angel – who knows what she is, but

All she knows is that she is now taking over Sydney’s body – she doesn’t know anything about Sydney’s Past, and she doesn’t know why she’s there to “help” Sydney

But she does know that once things start going good – she is going to get Yanked out of Sydney’s body and thrown into another “broken” body and she’ll have to start all over again.

Never getting attached, loved, or anything that can and would anchor her down…

Until she got to know Faith – and liked her. She went home with Faith (Sydney’s mom) and tried to be the daughter Faith had always wanted (in Sydney’s Body) . Faith agreed not to ask questions about

Sydney’s past (since she didn’t know Sydney’s past) and they could get to know each other all over again.

SO Faith brings Sydney to The Mall (where she works in Shoes – because Faith can tell a LOT about a person based on their shoes alone  )

Walking towards Dillards Shoe Department, Sydney was stopped by a few children who were drawn to her. One little girl latched on to her leg and refused to let go.

That’s when Lane Riley walked up to Sydney to help pry his little sister off her leg… their eyes met … BOOM – there it is folks! One of the greatest things that could ever happy to her – err umm Sidney – or Abithica as we find out towards the end (ok I don’t think that’s a spoiler….)

Abithica is confused – she wants what Sydney has – she wants the look Lane gave her to be for HER and not Sydney – she is having trouble understanding what she is, and where she and Sydney are different.

She can feel Sydney in there, and knows she is not happy – But Abithica is… she is finally able to experience things she knows are against the rules, but she is determined to have a little joy in her life while she is there.

Shea (Lane’s little sister) believes she is an Angel – and she know without a doubt in her little 6 year old mind that Abithica/Sydney is there for her sake as her guardian Angel.

Father Gabe is a Priest that helps with Shea at the Catholic School she attends , and when he meets Sydney – he remembers her plea for help a few years ago, and he notices right off that she is different.

Between Father Gabe and Shea – they discover the truth …

And THAT’S as far as I’m going to go into this story – it is really a WONDERFUL Story – I got goose bumps in so many different places – This book isn’t a spiritual book (heavy on the Religion) but it does have a few places in there that really get you thinking.

If you believe there are Angels out there – or guardian Angels waiting to help you, if you believe that little children are innocent enough to spot an Angel in a crowded Circus even though you are wearing a different body – And even if you Don’t believe in Angels , but believe in Romance, and Love that is so strong – nothing , even switching from another body to another can stop you from getting to the one you’re supposed to be with – FATE, FAITH, and LOVE –

THIS book was SO GREAT in my eyes – I know it’s defiantly worth MORE then 5 stars 

A REALLY CUTE Quote from Shea on how to pronounce Abithica’s Name 

“Bitha-ca? Hmmm… She had said it better that time. Bithaca.

Yep, she was getting better at it, all right. Bithaca! It was one of those words

that was hard to say at first, like super-cala-fraja-lipstick-ex-pee-ala-doe-shus, but

if you said it enough times it started to come out just right. Bithaca! “

Then Lane a little later …

“He laughed. “That was very good, Shae. Now can you say A-bithica Brave

Britches real fast, three times in a row?”

She shook her head. “But I can say super-cala-fraja-lipstick-ex-p-ala-doeshus

really fast. Wanna hear me?””

I’m not too sure about the pet name “Brave Britches” that he gave her, but it works 

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