Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dirty Blood by Heather Hildenbrand

Dirty BloodDirty Blood by Heather Hildenbrand

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great book! Loved this type of Werewolves/Hunters -

It really had a great message to it too.

Tara was a regular girl just out for some fun with her friends.

When she came across the world of werewolves, her life turned around.

She killed a girl/wolf - she didn't know they were real, but it attacked her... Next thing she knew, a guy was standing next to her.. telling her he would take care of everything - she freaked out... and he helped her home...

Wes, a Werewolf/hunter mix breed - He felt the pull towards Tara like a magnet - but fought it with everything he could. It was too strong though.

He brought Tara into the world of the Cause - where Hunters and Werewolves fought together to bring peace among the rest of the wolves/hunters - trying to keep everyone from killing. But it was too dangerous -

Tara ran into a werewolf (literally) and they fought. He was too strong, and he wasn't going to back down. He was out to kill Tara.

This book was awesome - I really loved the relationship between the werewolves and Hunters - you could tell there was tension there between a lot of them. It left you guessing until the end who was the one to turn on the group.

I was really impressed with this story though. I loved the relationship that Tara and Wes grew to have - I wish she didn't dismiss her human friend George so harshly - it just sounded like he was trying to get his future in order, which left little room for Tara. But at least they remained friends.

The book is left open for a possibility of another book for a series - I haven't seen anything on Heather Hildenbrand's page about a second book, but that doesn't really mean anything :)

Hopefully there will be another one - it would be fun to go into training more with Tara, and see Wes finish off the bad guys :)
Oh and let's not forget Mom and Grandma too :)

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