Friday, February 4, 2011

Birthday Giveaway!

Today's my birthday - I am a mother of 6 kids - and a few years younger then 40 - so I think I'm doing pretty good for myself :)

I love papercrafts - and if you asked me 2 years ago - I'd say I loved it more then reading - today .... I prefer a good book over my paper crafts - but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy taking a time out from a book to play with my bigshots machine :)  Beats doing housework - right :)

I got some fun crafty stuff for my birthday and have been itching to play a little - so I thought I'd give this a try

I've never done a giveaway - I'm new to blogging - so I hope this is worth it :)

I have made this cute little bookmark card (the bookmark is the corner peice) it makes a cute card - or a gift in itself -  I have sold a couple of them at botiques - so I'm hoping that means they're pretty too :)
I have some other things that I'm still working on that would be a perfect set

Leave a comment here and let me know how you think I should blow my birthday money my mom gave me. I have so many books I WANT to buy - but I want to buy something I haven't read yet.
Make sure I can get to your email address and if you have a blog - I'd love to see it :)

Thanks for playing!

OH and I'll pick a winner either tonight after my hubby and I get home from our date night (first one in a LONG time! ) Or first thing in the morning :)


  1. Very cute!! I admire crafty peeps since I was born without a single crafty gene. I say spend you money on books. I also say buy one book in a genre you normally wouldn't read. A greta way to broaden your horizons and maybe find a new author.

  2. Hey Girl :) I say spend your money on a get away with a good book. A night in hotel reading with NO distractions sounds good to me :) (only if that were really possible) Happy Birthday!!

  3. Hau'oli La Hanau or happy Birthday to you!!=)

    psssst..... My 26th birthday was yesterday. All I ask for is a Chantilly cake. I;m even more lucky if it's a banana bread cake covered with Chantilly.

    It's so cool that we're close to one another. Glad I found your blog when I did. Perhaps next year we can have a BIG celebration giveaway on our blogs.

    Okay!!! So what should you splurge your money on- Hmmm, seems like you've already got a ton of fantastic books. I would recommend Meljean Brook's Stempunk romance novels if you haven;t already discovered them. There is the prequel in Birning (Anthology) and then The Iron Duke. Amazing just like your crafts!!

    =) Aloha and enjoy your birthday!!!

  4. My emails aren't working today :( Um I was sick last week (still am) but I'll get your bookmarks in the mail on Monday morning - Tuesday the latest - sorry about the delay :)