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As you Wish by Gabi Stevens

As You Wish(Time of Transition, #2)As You Wish by Gabi Stevens

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was able to recieve an ARC copy of this book - I loved it!!

I totally was not expecting this book to be told the way it was – The first book “The Wish List” was a story about Kristin and Tennyson – Kristin was the first chosen Fairy Godmother – Chosen by the Aunt’s who threw this big responsibility on her and left her to figure things out.
At the end of the book – she mentioned 2 other women who will be chosen for Fairy Godmother’s as well –
I was thinking that the second book would take off from book one and kept going from Kristin’s POV – but I was Wrong!

The second book (As you Wish) is telling us Regina (Reggie) Scott’s story about how she was chosen to be a Fairy Godmother.
Her story is different – for one – she grew up with her family having magic – she didn’t come into her magic until she turned 27 (the standard age of a Fairy Godmother)  so growing up she always felt a little left out – especially from her sister Del – But Reggie still went on about her life as a Groundling and did the best that she could. She opened a Bakery with 2 of her close friends (Whom know magic) The bakery became a success and Reggie was happy J
Then all of a sudden the Aunt’s come in and tell her quickly that she is chosen – Reggie Picks her wand and the Aunts leave – Because in the first book – they became Rouge along with Kristin and Tennyson – and the council is after them and they can’t stay .
Reggie’s arbiter is Sophrona – a member of the Magical Council – along with her mother’s rivalry. They don’t get along – so Reggie wants as little to do with Sophrona as possible.  Which leaves Reggie to come into her magic by herself. She knows a few magic words – but putting it together with her magic is a little harder than expected.

First we meet Nate – Nate is a mysterious guy with a big secret. He comes into the bakery every morning (at 6:30 before the store opens) for his usual egg croissant and coffee.  Only he shows up in a long trench coat and a silk scarf covering his face and a hat. Nothing is visible on him but his eyes. He keeps to himself making very little conversation. Reggie respects his privacy and doesn’t invade – although she does talk to him in a friendly manner.

When Nate finds out that Reggie has been chosen for a Fairy Godmother – he wants her to help him reverse the curse of the beast. But he doesn’t want to revel himself to her – so he becomes her friend and tries to help her with her magic …

Next comes Jonathan Bastion -  Jonathan is a dream guy – Gorgeous,  rich , and famous (he makes wands)  and did I mention Gorgeous?
Jonathan has a secret too – and needs Reggie’s help – But he doesn’t know anything about loving someone else – until he meets Reggie.
Their relationship starts off at Reggie’s sisters Engagement party. Jonathan shows up and heads straight for Reggie. He knows what he wants – and he wants her.  He takes things a little fast – but hey – this guy can get away with it (just look at the cover J )

Then enters Luc LeRoy (aka – Lucas Reynolds from the first book ) well we all know he’s the bad guy – and so the story takes off …

This book is quick paced – I didn’t want to go to bed and stayed up til 1:30 am to finish it.

Reggie has to decide who is telling the truth – the Aunts – or the council – once she starts piecing everything together – The book gets really exciting. She figures out Nate’s and Jonathan’s secret.  (and I was SHOCKED!  Defiantly not what I was thinking J )
And we watch as Reggie and Jonathan fight with Luc and escape from his  new house.

The book ends with Reggie and Jonathan and her sister Del – along with the Aunt’s and Kristin and Tennyson. (Zach and Callie are mentioned as working on the outside for them ) and  Luc is still alive and building his army of followers …
The next book will probably be about the 3rd and final chosen Fairy Godmother – Stormy – but her 27th birthday isn’t for another month. So these guys have some time to relax and heal and get to know each other before Luc Strikes again.

Because this is the ARC copy – I have a LONG wait before the 3rd book comes out – but I am really anxious to find out how it turns out. How Gabi Stevens finishes up this series.

The book comes out in April 2011 - Make SURE you pre-order your copy !

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