Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Lost Saints by Bree Dispain

The Lost Saint (The Dark Divine,  #2)The Lost Saint by Bree Despain

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I LOVE this book - It made me laugh - it made me cry - it made me what to throw the book across the room and scream "WHY DID SHE END IT THERE?!?!?!?!"

Augh! Ok this book was great though - Daniel and Grace have been in our hearts for over a year now.
And the series just got better! My daughter read this book before me - and I kept asking her what was happening - was Talbot a good guy or a bad guy? Was he playing her? Or really intersted in her?

What about Katie?? I kept asking over and over if Grace finds Daniel and Katie together ... She kept telling me to keep reading I was right there with Grace when Katie walked by and "the wolf" told her to rip Katie's face off! Not cool Daniel! But then again we really couldn't take Grace's side either since she kept sneaking off to see Talbot - but she's a strong girl and knows in her heart who she belongs with :) no matter what - I'm proud of you gracie!!! (you too Daniel!)

Ahhh but wow - I was happy with this book - the only thing that SUCKS is the ending - ok no it doesn't Suck - really it doesn't - just leaving it open like that - It is leaving my imangination wide open for a whole year to figure out how the next book is going to play out -

Not really spoilers - but it might lead to a sugestive ending that may or may not happen - so read the book first :)
here are some of the options I THINK will happen in the next book (feel free to play along - Bree Dispain - I'd really LOVE it if you played along too :)

Ok we all know Daniel wont leave Grace to go to ... the mountains or where ever Gabrial is from (I forgot if they mentioned it) Grace can't leave her family - and she wouldn't want to leave Daniel - no matter what he is .... Sooooooo ....
1 - I think that maybe Daniel will become Grace's perminate Pillow :) At least they can sleep together now (keeping it young adult - sorry Sami :)
2 - Maybe Daniel can be the new Divine Pet?? (my daughter didn't like that one either :)
3 - Maybe Grace gives herself to the wolf - tries to fight the alpha and becomes his mate and they have their puppies and have their HEA ??
4 - I'm excpecting a conflect with Jude (wont say why .. read the last chapter!) but I don't think we can trust him just yet ...
5 - What are we going to do with Talbot? I mean SERIOUSLY!??!? I can tell he'll maybe submit to the "white alpha" in order to keep close to Grace - but is he really going to be loyal and trustworthy??

Ahh lots of questions -
I really can't wait for the next book to come out -

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  1. Hahahaha- that's so cute, harassing your daughter for details. Sounds like me and my teenage sister. When i don;t have time to read a book I pawn it off on her and ask her to tell me everything!!=)

    My library has this one and I have it on my lust to read!!