Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sami Meeting Bree Dispain

Twilight was THE first book I read - and I read it over and over and over - then I bought the other 3 books and read those book .. over and over and over and over again - Finally after reading all 4 books (plus Midnight sun ) 8 times each .... I needed something new -

I joined a group called Twilightmom's - after a few days of browsing around on their forum - I discovered their book of the month club - WOW! So many different Paranormal books out there!!!!!!

Fortunatly for me - The Dark Divine was the first book for that month's reading - And wouldn't you know it... Bree Dispain was coming to the ... what's it called .. Fairytales and Dragons book Store in Eagle Mountain - less then 15 miles from my house!!!! ((sad to say the book store is closed now :(

WOW That was a big bonus on my part - because I did drag my friend AND my daughter with me - we got our nailpolish , bookmark and sticker (still have my sticker - but I can't find my bookmark - and it's not easy to forbid 2 girls from using a cool color nailpolish - but I still have it hidden away :)

SO Bree Dispain has been in our hearts for over a year now... My daughter read the book and she fell in love instantly with it - To this day - we still can't count how many times she has re-read The dark Divine :)

I had planned on Buying The Lost Saints Dec 28th when it came out - to give to my daughter for her birthday in January - but wouldn't you know it - it's not being sold anywhere out here :( 

I had just about given up and was planing on driving to Barns and Nobel  (an hour and a half drive ) later in the week - my friend and I had gone to Costco for some dog food - and of course to browse the books (new books on Tuesdays! ) and low and behold ... The LOST SAINTS!!!

You have no idea how excited my daughter was. Unfortunatly I am scared to hand over a book to her without reading it first - she's 12 - I had emailed Bree Dispain last Dec before her book came out and asked her if she thought it was age appropreate for a 12 year old - and Bree Dispain emailed me back and said she tries to keep her books for young adults because she has a neice that loves the series too -
I was excited to hear that - Soo after my friend had first dibs on reading this book (luckly it only took her the weekend :) I brought the book home - as soon as Sami saw the book on the counter - She locked herself up in her room and read the book - she read it in one day - then re-read it again .... WHOAH! WAIT! I wanted to read it too!!!

After finding out that Bree Dispain was going to be at Costco in Sandy on Saturday at 1:00 - I knew I had to grab the book away from her and read it for myself! How could I meet the author and know nothing about the book??
I slowly started stalking Bree Dispain on Twitter and following all her comments - My daughter was SO excited when I told her we were going to meet her - she ran back to her room and started writing out questions after questions after questions that she wanted to ask ...
Unfortunatly being the evil mother I am - I had to cross out more then half of her questions because I know from reading other posts from authors that they are not ALLOWED to talk about the next book - especially concidering she's still not finished writing it ... she might not even know how it's going to turn out :)

Sooo today was the big day - Sami got to meet Her favorite Author :)
Here are the questions she asked and the answers that she recieved. It took a good 10 mins of her time to answer - and I will be forever greatful to Bree Dispain for being so sweet to my daughter - she truely made this 12 year old's year :)

1.What's the next book called? She said "I thought of a tiltle but I don't know if the publishers like it"
2.When will it come out? She said "It should be coming our in December"
3.Will it be appropriate for 12 year olds to read? (PLEASE SAY YES!) She said "I like to keep my books appropriate for 12 years and older because I have a 13 year old niece that loves my books"
4.Will the books become movies? She said "I sold the movie rights, but they don't know if they want to officialy make it into a movie"
5.Will you write more than 3 books? She said "I'm probably going to only write 3 in this series, but i hope to write another series and publish at least 1 book a year"
6.What's your favorite genre? She said "She likes to read Realistic Fiction but she likes to write Paranormal Fiction"
7.Would you rather write or read books? She said "Reading books is easier but I still love to write"
8.Why didn't they kill Jude? She said "Because Daniel knew it would break Graces heart if Daniel were to command the othr wolves to kill Jude"
9.Why did Grace still trust Jude? She said "Because Jude is her brother and she knew that Jude didn't let the wolf completely take over him and she knew that her brother was still in there somewhere."
10.Were they talking about Jude in the Prolouge? She said "Yes"
11.Was Daniel still in control of his actions when he was The White Wolf? She said "Yes he was because he was a True Alpha Wolf now and he could control everything he did."
12.Was Daniel in control of himself that night on the Parish? She said "Mostly, the wolf wanted to go and kill Jude but Daniel was fighting hard because he didn't want to hurt Jude again or hurt Grace at all so Jude was stronger than Daniel for that reason."
13.What inspired you to write The Dark Divine? She said "I actually got the idea from personal experiance. I had a friend and we would play all sorts of games and stuff then he had to move. Then in the 9th grade I saw him again and he looked completely different, he had long hair, and she looked like he was on drugs and all that stuff. Then one day while I was driving in the car and saw a billboard,I still can't remember what it said, but I just started getting a conversation in my mind of a brother and sister. So when I got home I wrote it down in a journal and then it just became, The Dark Divine."
(If your wondering what questions 8-12 mean then you'll just have to read "The Dark Divine" and "The Lost Saint" by Bree Despain)
From Sami

Thank you Sami for your questions - and Thank you again Bree Dispain :) Looking forward to meeting you again next year for the next book :)

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  1. I read this post on my mobile and I've been meaning to get over here and make a comment.

    How cool is it to meet an author you enjoy reading!!!
    In Hawaii we don't get to many author signing as other big cities in the states and so when they do come I move heaven and earth to get there.

    The questions are great and what a nice person to take the time and answer them. I love the blue color your daughter is rocking.

    Thanks for the post. I hope my children continue loving to read as they grow.