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My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent

My Soul to Steal (Soul Screamers, #4)My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent

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Awesome book!
Rachel Vincent is an Awesome Author - one of my top 5 - and she hasn't disappoint me at all  :)

I had a lot of mixed signals about reading this book - reading reviews - seeing tweets from the author answering questions about this book - yes I dipped in the spoilers area too :)
I knew it was a love triangle book - My usual pet peeve from the 2nd book syndrome - but this is the 4th book - and it had a lot of twisted quirks - We have gotten to know Kaylee and Nash - and things were going really good between them until FROST came into the picture.  It was time something stired up their relationship a little. I think it will make their relationship a LOT stronger - once they get back together that is.... I have faith :)

Also, Rachel Vincent wrote a really nice post on her blog  rachel on love triangles and why which I read before I picked up MSTS yesterday - and that helped a lot :) She has a really good opinion about Love Triangles AND Cliffhangers ( Another Pet Peeve that everyone seems to love :)
OK ON TO THE REVIEW ... Unintentional Spoilers will probably pop up in this review - but trust me - even knowing about what's going on - doesn't do the book justice :) Read it - and you'll see why :)

I cried so much during the first half of this book -
I know I say I hate love triangles - but I don't :) It really gets frustrating because I know that kaylee and Nash are good together - they have a great relationship - and Nash is nothing but a Great guy. His feelings are totally sincere. He seems to have that unique quality that all girls want in a guy. Someone who will put his whole heart out there on the line for all his family and friends - and Kaylee :)

So when this whole thing with Sabina comes up - I can see Nash cares for her , and how badly she wants to get back with him - and I can see why - but I can also see that Nash is still in love with kaylee - and no matter what happens , they're going to be together - because that's just how Nash is. He's there for Sabine - and She's there for him - and yes - he is a little delusional about thinking he can resist her completely without having a little effect - The whole part where Sabine throws herself at him was completely justified :)

now for TOD ... *shakes head in disappointment* What was he THINKING?? Why did he tell her to give up Nash?? Was it selfish reasons? Because he actually called Kaylee Shellfish if she didn't want to give him up.
Did Tod have a vision or something about the whole Netherworld thing that was going t happen - and he thought if Sabin and Nash were together that it wouldn't happen that way?

Sorry - I'm just a little confused there :) I love Tod - he's awesome - he didn't have a big role in this book - which was sad too - but he's still a good guy. I really believe that - but I kept waiting for the punch line - waiting for him to tell her WHY he thought Sabine and Nash were better together - I could understand better If I thought it was because he really liked Sabine better then Kaylee - or if he was still close with Nash and believed that he was helping Nash - but he was hardly speaking to Nash -
So I'm stuck with this one - I really don't know how to justify what Tod did - I can't believe he HONESTLY believes that - I have read on a few Tweets that Tod is in love with Kaylee - I'm not sure if he comes out in the next book and admits it - or if I some how forgot about it from another book?
I don't know

Guess we'll see how If I Die plays out - hopefully it will explain a few things :)

Back to the review -

Sabine played the perfect polor opposite of kaylee - She was very Thick Headed and strong willed - I kind of loved hating her in this book :) You could see a lot of trouble in her to come in the next book - She seems like she has a soft side though - and I'm hoping that she can put her feelings aside and stick around as a friend and leave the whole throwing herself at Nash aside -

Kaylee did great in this book - stood up for what she believed in - she has grown up a lot since the first couple of books. I can see where Tod was telling her that Nash didn't NEED Kaylee - because Kaylee has a good head on her shoulders - she thinks things through - I think she may be OVER Thinking things with Nash though -
I can understand the trust issue with Nash - She only wants to be with him fully - and not have doubts -  but for awhile it looked like she wasn't going to give him a shot to prove himself. She kept avoiding him and not really talking to him - I kept thinking she was going to blow it .  But once she realized that she couldn't learn to trust him again without giving him a chance to SHOW her - well that's what changed my opinion and I was happy again :)

The whole thing with the Netherworld  isn't over though. it's just been put on hold for awhile - so when If I Die (that's a scary title) comes out - I can see a lot more happening in the Netherworld and hopefully these 5 people will take Harmony's advice .. because she ALWAYS has the BEST advice  .... and the 5 of them will become friends.

I really do hope Kaylee and Sabine become friends - and Sabine excepts that Nash loves Kaylee, and wants to keep Sabine as a friend. I think they can work it out ... right?

 I can see a few ways the next book will play out - and I really can't wait to see if I'm right :)
Guess we'll find out in October when "If I Die" comes out :)

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  1. Reading your review- I know this series is awesome. I'm a huge fan of RV's Shifter series so I definitely need to read this one when I free up my reading schedule!!!

  2. I am a HUGE fan of the shifter's series! I haven't written a review for them - I read them a while ago - I need to re-read those :) This is a really good series though. It's YA - but it's pretty intense in places too :)