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Magic Stikes by Illona Andrews

Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels, #3)Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

That was a HOT KISS!!!

I have to agree with everyone else here - this book is by far the better of the series :) WOW! (see above :)

SO MUCH went on in this book - I really liked the Midnight Games thing - that was a great way to defeat the bad guys -

I was a little bewildered by the magic jungle on Unicorn Lane - it just didn't seem to fit in with my idea of this book - and the creatures that lived there. It seemed like a little TOO much for me - these creatures that are too weird for a description ... but it did work, so I'm not going to dwell on it  :)

In this book - Jim go AWOL - Derek has a secret and Kate is suckered into helping without them letting her know what's going on - She isn't happy about it either.

When she finds Derek in messy situation - which leads her to getting hurt herself - Jim has no choice but to bring her into it.

The Midnight Games is Forbidden from Curran - no shifter of any type is allowed to set foot in the arena - Luckily Kate isn't a shifter though .. right :)

Derek is hurt beyond repairs trying to do something good , and they're afraid for his life - they have to get into the Game's to find out why his body can't shift and heal itself - if Derek wakes up in too much pain - he is at risk of going Loup (crazy) and Curran would be forced to put him down ... And Kate doesn't wnt to see Curran get hurt - and killing Derek would DEFINALY hurt Curran

We learn a lot about Curran in this book - well not a LOT - but we do get a better idea of how his mind works - did you know he's been the Beast Lord since he was 15 years old!!!! Talk about a HUGE Responsibility from a kid! WOW - totally changed my way of thinking of him though - He needed to grow up really fast - so now I can see why he is as strict with his rulings as he is. it took a LONG TIME to get him where he is.  It makes sense.

We also learn a little more about Kate - her past, her father - her powers - my questions were answered from the first book review I did - along with a few others that I didn't know I had.

The Midnight Games takes place - I laughed so hard at their first battle - But their next couple of battles got really intense - I was shocked by the final battle - it took me a couple of tries of re-read the paragrah that said what she did (HA no spoilers here) becaues I wasn't expecting it at all!

And their KISS! ok technically they had 2 - and I was really excited about how good the first one was - but once you get to the second kiss - you don't even count the first one - because it was ... WOW - i want to smack ( ? ? ? ) for the interuption!

Anyways - I'm going to be starting the 4th book this morning - I stayed up way too late last night and day light savings had me up way too early this morning - so I'm not going to be finishing it tonight - but I'm staying home today and going to get as much reading in as possible. I'm excited to jump in - 5th book comes out in May --- tick tock tick tock :)

I'm off to hurry and start my morning chores so I can grab my book!

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