Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mind Games - Carolyn Crane

I fell asleep Tuesday night at 8:00 - and slept all night so yesterday my headache was gone!
I finished this book -I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mind Games!
I was iffy on checking this book out at the library - it was on dispaly in the Adult Fiction Favorites (or they're just too lazy to shelf it :)
I've never been big on the physic type people unless it's written a certain way - but this book - I took a chance with it and I REALLY Liked it . I am actually concidering buying this series (If I can find them out here)  The next book ... double crossed - just came out in September - I cheated and read the last page of the next book and TOTALLY Killed it for me - I was hoping I would wake up and have forgotten about it - but I woke up still thinking about the ending of the next book :( STUPID mistake - I wont do that again.
I am DEFINATLY Sure there will be another book out - hopefully I wont have to wait a year (just checked her webpage and she will have the 3rd book out in the 2nd half of 2011 :( I dont want to wait that long! )
 I really did enjoy this series though ... here's why

Justine  - ok not your normal every day hero - she has a LOT of problems going on in her head :) Which is why Packard picked her for the job he gave her.
The book has a really interesting twist - they use people physicaloligle (sp) problems and turn it around to "reboot" the bad guys - They take down their whole spirit - they lose themselves in self pitty - they lose their homes, they lose their humanitary ... then a couple of months later - after they are DisIllusioned - they pick themselves back up and start their lives over - in a positive way - totally remorsed from all their wrong doings in the past . This was SO COOL! I mean it was sad - really sad - Poor Justine was brought into this without a choice - and she doesn't have a way out - and she's NOT happy about that - but she does what she can - and her thinking is just really positive - I think she is slowly curing herself in the process.

NOW for the passion - ha ha ha - She has a steady boyfriend - but her and Packard - they have this thing that is Electrifying!!! It's so cool! Their passion is so real - but they know they can't act on it - There is on time where she tells her .. I don't want to say Victim ... maybe Target person... anyways - so the lady she is supose to disillusion asked her what she was thinking of - and she just blurted out about her stollen kiss with Packard - of course she didn't say WHO - but when she had to set up Simion for his part of the DisIllusioned stage - they had to play the part of HIM being the sourse of the Stollen Kiss - HA  - guess you have to read it to find out why it's so cute - I really loved that part -

There IS 2  little ... INTENSE Sex scenes  towards the end (Wont tell you whom it's with ) I just skim over it - it goes pretty fast - But other then that part I really REALLY enjoyed this book -

Here is what Her website says about the book - 

Justine Jones has lived her life as a fearful hypochondriac until she's lured into the web of a mysterious mastermind named Packard. He gifts her with extraordinary mental powers-dooming her to fight Midcity's shadowy war on paranormal crime in order to find the peace she so desperately craves.
But now, serial killers with unheard-of skills are terrorizing the most powerful beings in Midcity, including mastermind Packard - and his oldest friend and worst enemy, Midcity's new mayor, who has the ability to bend matter itself to his will.
As the body count grows, Justine faces a crisis of conscience as she tests the limits of her new powers and faces an impossible choice between two flawed but brilliant men . . . one on a journey of redemption, and the other descending into a pit of moral depravity.
Mind Games heroine Justine Jones isn't your typical kick-ass type - she’s a hopeless hypochondriac whose life is run by fear.
She's lured into a restaurant, Mongolian Delites, by tortured mastermind Sterling Packard, who promises he can teach her to channel her fears. In exchange, she must join his team of disillusionists - vigilantes hired by crime victims to zing their anxieties into criminals, resulting in collapse and transformation.
Justine isn't interested in Packard's troupe until she gets a taste of the peace he can promise. Soon she enters the thrilling world of neurotic crime fighters who battle Midcity’s depraved and paranormal criminals.
Eventually, though, she starts wondering why Packard hasn’t set foot outside the Mongolian Delites restaurant for eight years. And about the true nature of the disillusionists.

DEFINATLY a 2 Thumbs up for me :) I'm off to start Double Crossed now - Just because I ruined the ending - doesn't mean I can't enjoy the working up to it part. Maybe if I will it enough with my mind - it'll change the ending : )

Happy Reading everyone!!


  1. I really enjoyed this book as well. There was a comic feel to it with words like nemesis being used. I found this one very different from what I've read in the past. Although it doesnt work for everyone.

    I had Carolyn on my blog and she is super awesome!!=) I have book 2 but have yet to read it.

    LOL... You are too funny with the whole too lazy to shelf the books. =) love it!!

  2. I bought this book from the library - I am still looking for the 2nd book out here - but at least I have the first one.

    And I think the people at my library are pretty lazy - almost everytime I return my books and start looking around - about 10 mins late , most of the books I just returned are on the display shelf - sure a lot of them are New books - but still :)