Sunday, December 12, 2010

I LOVE this book! Now i"m going to have to look around to see where I can buy it!
This books is sweet - I really love the intensity of Eli's and Riley's relationship - he held off for so long - but it does give me the whole "Twilight" feel to it - with her extra Potent smelling blood. and the way he's trying to warn her off . The mind reading (ha ha! That would drive me nuts)

There were a few "intense" scenes with the sex - but it went fast and was easy to skim over - Her erotic dreams that she can't control arn't too bad either :)

I can't wait til June for the next one to come out - then December for the 3rd book - I usually don't start on the first book of a series without the next book or two to keep me happy - but I didn't realize this one was brand new until after I checked it out at the library :)

That's ok - I'll be happy to re-read it in June.

BTW - her tats are awesome - and I will be so happy if Seth and Josie get together in the next book :) I was hoping they would since she came into the book - her punk goth ways just seem so cute :) and they are the same age :)

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  1. I've heard amazing things about this one so it's on my list!!=) I love Twilight so that comparison helps to get me excited!!=)