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Cold Blood by Heather Hildenbrand

Cold Blood (Dirty Blood #2)Cold Blood by Heather Hildenbrand

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great story - I’m not in love with the cliffhanger – But there is a great set up for the next book - really looking forward to that one : )

This was an awesome story - lots of action and drama :)

We start off with Tara getting ready to leave for Hunter school, just a couple of days after the first book left off. Tara isn't thrilled about leaving her home, her mom and grandmother, her friends and school, but she knows she needs to learn about being a hunter and working towards making Vera’s vision come true.. Leading the Cause .. with Wes by her side..

*sigh* Wes *sigh*

Wes comes over to talk to Tara before she leaves. That's when he informs her that Jack is still healing and needs Wes to stay and help run to cause. in fact, Jack is asking Wes to take over the leadership of the Cause - SO Tara is forced to go to west point hunter's school and be without Wes - that's just not fair :(

When Tara gets to the school, she literally runs into a familiar guy with very green eyes. he looks at her, then turns and stalks down the hallway and turns the corner. when she realizes he was at the warehouse incident and saved her life, she wanted to follow him.. but her Grandma pulled her attention back to the school... and off they went to meant the Headmaster.

The Headmaster gives Tara her schedule and lets her know her trainer will be here in a sec to show her to her first class.

waiting outside the door watching her mom and grandma leave her, she turns and sees the familiar green eyes again.

Alex is a senior and his job is to catch Tara up with her physical training so she can graduate with the rest of the class next year.

Walking in front of her, Tara follows silently as they pass by a bunch of other students glaring at her, whispering and pointing at her.... she tried to brush it off as just being the new kid, but when she heard a few people saying "Dirty blood" and "mutt" she couldn't help but feel insecure. but she wasn't going to let them see that.

Tara is roommates with none other than Veronica - the schools most popular ice queen.

Things couldn't get any worse..

Trying to stay away from her as much as possible, she becomes friends with Logan and Cambria - the school's other misfits. Logan is too much of a hottie to blend in with the geeks, and the cool kids all figured out that he’s too smart to sink their shallow standards, and Cambria too stubborn to conform. So they took Tara under their wing.

When Alex starts training with Tara, he comes off cold and distant. When Tara realizes it's because he, too has issues with her mix blood, she tries to be just as cold back to him. but then they become friends - and that turns into something a little more - but she's with Wes, and she loves Wes, so why is she attracted to someone else?? she tries to brush it off as Wes's absence that's causing it, but then Alex starts to show his interest, and she doesn't know what to do...

I love the friendship that is bonded with these 3 misfits :) Cambria is awesome. I love the way she thinks. She is all talk and action and even with her "Charming" attitude, she couldn't care less what people thought of her.

As Tara’s past creeps up on her, she has no other option but to relay on Alex and Logan and Cambria to help her...

Great story - can't wait for the next one to come out :)

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