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Caged in Darkness by J.C. Stroube

Caged in Darkness (Caged #1)Caged in Darkness by J.D. Stroube

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was pretty intense! Wow! I'm a little taken back by the ending though - but only because it wasn't what I was expecting - give me time to let it sink in :)

The book starts out with Savannah telling her story of her past - up until she was 9 years old, her life was utterly hell -

As witches, Her parents were thrown out of their coven because they started practicing dark magic - the really bad dark magic.
When Savannah was a baby, her mother adored her , but as time went on - they grew darker and darker and started making sacrifice by killing innocent people - Twice a week, Savannah watched it all take place from the inside of her cage.

When her parents couldn't find anyone to sacrifice, they used Savannah. She could feel the darkness dispense itself from her pores. It would take that bit of innocence with it. Her soul screamed at the loss as it was torn from her.

One day when she was 9 years old, she escaped the house through the tiny bathroom window. She knew of the town Meadow Falls as the town her parent's coven was in.
She believed she could find the coven and they would help her.

It was nighttime when she arrived, she had no idea where she was or where she was going, but she started walking. At the edge of town, she saw a few lights on in a few of the houses. One of the houses had the feel of protection on it. it beckoned her to approach.

As she inched toward the house, her emotions were bombarding her. She backed up and stepped on a sprinkler head, twisting her ankle until she heard the bone crack, and she went down in a painful cry.

An elderly woman stepped out the door and onto the porch. She screamed for her son to come down and help bring this lost looking child into the house.

When Savannah told them who her parents were, Maye - the older woman contacted the rest of the coven and "took care of things" with her parents.

Time laps on - ok the witches come into their power at the 16th anniversary of their first breath of life. So we are at Savannah's life, now at 15 years old - she is in high school. Still scared to be around people she doesn't know or trust - but she knows her 2 best friends, Izzy and Willow - and of course Ash - her foster brother.

Everything is going well in life as they know it until she learns that the house her parents owned was being sold. Maye wanted Savannah to go back to the house to go through their things. Savannah was scared to death to set foot back into that house, but all things considering, she went with Maye.

When Maye went upstairs to start going through things, Savannah went into the library - a strange thing happened while she was sitting in her favorite chair - she looked down and noticed a board out of place .. so she opened it up to see a lever - when she turned the lever, the bookshelf opened up into a hidden passage -

And That's where it all begins ... When she releases the demon into the world - the demon that her parents had somehow shoved into a box, everything turned around on her.

This book has it all - my favorite shifter of a Panther - the romance triangle, and the friendship and love that grows between these witches :)

Great book - I'm looking forward to the next one already :)
I'm still taken back by the ending though - it's going to bug me - if you've read this book, email me - I need someone to talk to about this ending ... lol

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(I accidently left out a lot of information - oops :)
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  1. I do love the shifter element to the story!! I;m such a sucker for all things shifter! I must admit ASH is the one I'm cheering for! With his stunning good looks and melodic voice I;m all thumbs up!

  2. I may as well leave the LovLivLife Reviews link. It's another place to find your review:

    =) Thanks Jen!!