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Hard Spell by Justin Gustainis

Hard SpellHard Spell by Justin Gustainis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was lucky enough to recieve an ARC copy of this book - the book comes out Tuesday July 26th :)  go get it :) It's Great!

Its a real honest to goodness Detective story! When I first got this book in the mail, one look at the cover and the voice of Dan Aykroyd from Dragnet (1987) popped in my head - and THAT is the voice of Stan :)

This book is awesome! It starts off explaining the way the Supernatural’s (Supes) came to be known to the world (when Vamps and Were's came home from WW II ) and now living in an everyday life with the rest of us plain old humans .

Stan Markowski is a human - and he's a Decective - but he keeps the peace between the Supes.

The book starts off with Stan and his partner going into a local liquor store - nothing strange, just a couple of goblins hyped up on Meth with 2 hostages trying to rob the place.

*note* these Goblins are really cute :) Little green furry guys who speak very little English - so hearing Stan speak like Tarzan is really funny :)

Everything seems to be going well, until they notice the third goblin that was hiding from them...

A few weeks later, Stan and his new partner Renfer... Karl Renfer (He's a big James bond Fan :) Anyways - they get a call and head out to an old abandoned warehouse - Karl stays in the car while Stan checks it out - inside he finds 13 witches calling forth a demon - which is considered black magic - and black magic is illegal. SO when Stan jumps in to interrupt, things get a little crazy.

A few months later ... they get a call to a Supe's house - where they find a man tied to a chair after he was tortured to death. At first they didn't understand why they were called out - looked like a normal human's death - something for the police to get involved in, only this guy had a mark of a wizard on his wrist - which meant the crime was for them to get involved in.

For 5 full nights - Stan and Karl came up empty handed with no leads as to why this Wizard was tortured - and what was stolen out of his safe (They left the money, so obviously something of more value was in the safe)

Stan finally had about all he could handle and decided to call in a favor. Rachel Proctor is a witch - and she knows how to perform Necromancy - Only Necromancy is black magic, and she just doesn't do that stuff. But with the court's ok - making it Police business, it turns into Grey Magic - black magic used for good.

Against all of Rachel's better instincts, she agrees to it.

It takes her a full day of non-stop preparations for this type of thing. When She and Stan get to the graveyard to set up, everything was going perfect... Until something goes wrong.. very very VERY Wrong…

The plot thickens when we find out what was stolen out of the safe and Stan and Karl are forced to work with Vollman "The Man" of Vampires who happens to be a Wizard as well. He knows a lot of things that is going on. and when the strange and bazaar killings start to accrue, Vollman starts keeping little important things to himself. So Stan decides to broaden his search and find information himself. He has a lot of good contacts :)

It was a lot of fun reading this book :)

For the record, this isn't a romance book - Rachel was just a friend, and he has a couple of other female friends in the book, too but nothing but a few flirtation remarks accure. and I Love Stan's Humor - He's got a LOT of funny come backs (in his mind)

All and all this is a great book :) Glad I got the chance to read it :)

Here is an Awesome Trailer for this book! Even my kids loved it (Because they Hate vampires too :)

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