Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Death Blows

WOW! Ok - This book - ha ha -
Hard to discribe this book - the reading was like the first book - Dying Bites - it was slow and hard to follow along - but over all - it was a pretty good book.
Death Blows ended... wow - ok well without giving anything away - I thought I was going to skip the 3rd book that is coming out - but it looks like I have to go reserve it at the library now - I need to find out what happens with Dr Pete ... I wont say what happened to him - but it sounds like it will be fun seeing him in the next book - she has a lot of work to do :)
If you like comic books - this book is definatly for you - there are a lot of ... grusome murders that are pretty gross to visualize while reading - but if that doesn't gross you out - then it's pretty funny :)

Anyways - So my opinion of the BloodHound Files ... it's a little hard to read - but it's pretty good.
Here is what the back of the book says ....

FBI profiler Jace Valchek was pulled into this parallel realm to hunt for Aristotle Stoker, a human serial killer who preys on vampires and werewolves. Now she works for the National Security Agency of the Unnatural States of America - and her boss is a vampire.

At a bizarre crime scene, Jace finds a bloodsucker murdered by magic, fried to the bone and dressed in the costume of the comic book hero the Flash - a character who isn't supposed to exist here. Comic books have been outlawed for their powers, including crossover spells like the one that transported Jace to this world. Soon, she's following a trail of dead bodies into the sinister underworld of black-market comics - where a deranged madman gives new meaning to the term 'super-villain'

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