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Sleight by Jennifer Sommersby

Sleight (AVRA-K #1)Sleight by Jennifer Sommersby

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I LOVE this book! I want to join the circus! WOW! When I first read the Blurb I was like .. "My best friend is an elephant?" Weird! But nope not at all! At least not when you grow up in the circus!!

This book is an awesome PNR for YA (or my age :)

The book starts off as we meet Gemma and her unfortunate bad luck - seems like this poor girl can't get a single break. Her mother just died. She didn't know her that well. She was sick - seriously sick. Like Gem, her mom was able to see Shades (Spirit/Ghosts, whatever) But they've never bothered Gem, didn't try to talk to her, just sort of .. hung out in their own place - but her mom claimed that they attacked her, they told her to do things. Hospitals couldn't help her, so she ended up killing herself.

Gem is kind of loner - she prefers to be alone with her thoughts (and her elephants) She has friends, happy go lucky girly girly Junie, and her twin brother Ash (whom Gem has had a crush on for a long time) But life is how she likes it. She is happy with the way things are...

Until ONE DAY - Ted , her circus "uncle" Guardian decided it's time to settle the circus down. They have a benefactor who wants the circus to settle down in their town. Which is what Ted has always wanted.

Which meant Public high school for the kids??? Gem wasn't too thrilled with that idea at all! But being the good sport she is, she will do what she needs to do to make Ted and his wife Marlene happy.

First day of public school. The school is anxious to have all the circus "freaks" attend their new high school. Well some of them .

Since Gem seems to have all the bad luck, everyone who checked in at the school got a first day of school buddy to help them through their first day , that is, except Gem - The principal seemed to over look her...

Luckily - Henry Demitri was late for school that early Monday morning. And his good looks, sweet talking charm, (and daddy's money being thrown around town) his tardy was overlooked with the promise to be Gem's Buddy for the day.

Henry is the son of Lucian Demitri - he is the one that is financing the cirrus to stay in town. So Gem figures that Henry is a spoiled stuck up guy that throws his daddy's money around to get what he wants.

She couldn't be more wrong ...

This book is awesome - throws a LOT of twists and curves at you.
Henry plays a big role in Gem's life. But no matter how much things get thrown at Gem, she really tries to deals with it. She grows up fast and takes on a lot. I really liked reading the ending - without giving it away, she is forced to take on a LOT of supernatural things with only Henry's help. He seems to have a lot more information than she does about everything, but she has the protection, the ability - she doesn't just say ... "ok I have to do it myself let's get this over with" She is a true 17 year old girl who doesn't know what to do! She has her little break down and Henry does a great job at being there for her. When she breaks down and says she can't deal with it - he's right there telling her she's not alone (awe)

I wish the book was a good 50 - 100 pages longer. it didn't leave off in a good way.. well except it's all set up for AVRA-K book 2 - which I have no idea when it comes out - but I want to be one of the first in line to get it :)

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  1. I have read so many books about circus life lately - the latest being, Water for Elephants, and Tiger's Curse. Looks like I'll have to read another one. Great review Jen!