Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blood & Spirits by Dennis Sharpe

Blood & Spirits (The Coming Storm Trilogy Book 1)Blood & Spirits by Dennis Sharpe

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cute story - leaves it open for another book to continue the path of destruction :)

The book is about a Vampire - Veronica who runs a brothel. She loves these girls, and looks after them all. She has taught them that they only do what they want to do, and nothing more. These girls are very high class.

She comes across this little spirit girl, Rachelle, she's about 8 - and Veronica really grows attach to her spirit -

One day Veronica is out and about and everything starts to fall apart. Rachelle is kidnapped, her house burns down, her girls get hurt - she gets attacked by non-quiet spirits (think of pultraguise) everything that could go wrong, does.

If it wasn't for Frank (her trusty human PI) and Garrett (A Vampire who shows up to help her with the spirits) her life would have fallen apart.

Veronica is not as strong as most heroines in the books you read - but she does keep her head in the game. She gets slammed by things going wrong, she doesn't get a chance to step back and see the big picture. She starts going against her instincts because she can't tell who is right and wrong anymore.

The descriptions of the non-quiet spirits and Paco - ewwww - are pretty descriptive. There is a really big gross-out part with Paco in the middle that I probably would have been happier if I hadn't read (Still makes me squirm in my own skin just thinking about it - blach!)

And I would have liked to have seen more  with Garrett and Veronica

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