Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ignite by Kaitlyn Davis

Ignite (Midnight Fire Series)Ignite by Kaitlyn Davis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

 Oh WOW!
I'm so grateful for Epilogues at the end of books - because Holy COW that was a bad place to end the book – but the Epilogue helped a lot :)  it’s also a GREAT way to look forward to the next one :) Can't wait now!

This book was awesome! I love the idea! "She was a Superhuman Conduit of Sunlight - a protector against vampires that would otherwise be unstoppable. "
It's awesome to read about - Ok in the beginning we met Kira - she is home now in Charleston because her father was laid off from work and couldn't afford boarding school in New York anymore - she was ok with that. She loved her family and loved to be close to them, so she agreed to go to her senior year of high school at home.
When she got to the school, she got her schedule and walked out of the office door ready to conquer her day - looking for some sign to tell her where her first class was, she bumped into a chest "Are you new?" A handsome blond guy with a lanky build was standing behind her looking over her shoulder at her paper. ... He told her his class was next to her, so she started to follow him. "So you are new, right, or have my great looks made you speechless?" " Yeah I'm new, and what good looks? You're so tall I can't even see your face."
The friendship between Luke and Kira is great! I would love to have a friend like him - he is a protector, a big brother and a best friend all in one. He took pitty on her and showed her around. grabbed a hold of her at lunch and introduced her to the other 4 newbie’s in the school that haven't really found their place in the school. But the 5 of them were just happy to be in their own little group.
It's a lot of fun watching Kira mingle with this group - they are all so different, and yet, they get along so well :)

When Kira's eyes met the Misfits out in the courtyard , something strange happened. But Kira couldn't figure out what it was.

In their next class, Luke was in there with her. And so was the group of Misfits - when Luke was pre-occupied with the girl and 2 of the guys, the 3rd guy's eyes studied Kira - "who are you?" is what he asked... and Kira was trapped in his gaze could only answer her name.

Tristan *sigh* So dreamy, so sexy, so bad boy gotta have him, but know he's going to break my heart anyways but i don't care -
The story is fun, exciting and full of drama! Conduit's vs Vampires - her whole world as she knew it (nice and normal) turned completely upside down, inside out and every other twisted way imaginable - and she only could rely on 2 people to trust - Luke - the Protector, whose sole purpose was to protect people from evil Vampires and teach her about her new life - and Tristan, a Vampire whose sole purpose was to protect Kira from harm -
I'm really excited I got the chance to read this book -

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